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Environmental concern. Which I think a lot of people may not think of it that way when you talk about about urban planning but it is it's a conservation issue issue absolutely? It's one of the top ways that we can decrease emissions and we we haven't yet talked about one of concentration Colorado's other other big areas of focus. Which is environmental justice? And it's something that on this podcast we touch on particularly as it overlaps with tribal issues. We generally don't talk about that in terms of Urban issues and environmental justice within cities in Denver in particular There are some huge disparities. Thirties you go from neighborhood to neighborhood in terms of health risks. That's absolutely right. And we've seen a number of toxic polluters syrup and down the front range and onto the western slope that are putting these compounds into surrounding neighborhoods. I mean they're they're putting things out like hydrogen cyanide hydrogen. Sulfide these are serious. Toxics that Harm kids they harmed the elderly and we need to do something about in terms of legislative action in terms of policy action action. Is there more that needs to be done. In terms of monitoring is it just cracking down on what we know already What does that look like? I think it's all of the above. And so it's monitoring monitoring at the fence line because so many of these areas are surrounded by neighborhoods. It is looking at caps looking at what is safe for people not not just in the surrounding neighborhood but workers as well and it's looking at what a fine structure is. I mean some of these places. It's a slap on the wrist. It's the cost of doing business and we need to move beyond that. If we're really going to protect Colorado's so that there is an actual you're right now. The the fine finds that these companies face are not necessarily enough of a deterrent relative to the cost of actually cleaning up what they do. That's right Colorado Colorado. Clearly right now is leading as David Roberts with vox mentioned leading across the West across the country. So what can Dan other states learn from what Colorado is doing. What can conservation groups in other states learn from following the conservation Colorado Model? It's about looking economy-wide that is one of the most critical things that Colorado has done. So far is set these targets. Set Them economy-wide armywide once that's on the books to start looking sector-by-sector at how you do reduce pollution and so I think that two step process says something that's critical and something that's ongoing last question. Since you mentioned year checking off state parks with your son. What's your favorite so far? What what what? What do folks need to get out there and and discover your? That's you saved the hardest question. Always we have really enjoyed the Arkansas headwaters area. Because it does stretch for so far great view of the Valley there and Chafee County Aw and takes you just all the way down to two Fremont County area and let you look around all right. Gary Garner Wells is the communications director at that Conservation Colorado Garrett thanks for stopping by. Thanks for having me We always like to wrap up with a look back at this week in Western history. I will warn you upfront. This one gets dark but it's fascinating. It was this week in nineteen seventy seven that the state of Utah executed a man named Gary Gilmore Gilmore a murderer who became a national celebrity. And even a Saturday night live punchline on the way to his death and then inspired a world famous advertising slogan the Punk rock hit and a bunch of folks Pulitzer prizes in Emmy awards as I said dark. Gary Gilmore lead a life of crime Iran car theft ring at age fourteen. By the time he was twenty four he received a fifteen year prison sentence but he got sent to a halfway house after eight years and then he was convicted of armed robbery. He was so violent behind bars he then got sent the maximum security federal prison in Marion Illinois when he was paroled from that at age thirty five in nineteen seventy six he went to Provo Utah to live with a distant cousin that July about three months after his release Gary Gilmore robbed and murdered a gas station attendant in Orem Utah. The next night he robbed and murdered a motel manager in Provo. Both of his victims were students students at Byu who left behind widows and infant children Gilmore managed to shoot himself in the hand while he was trying to get rid of the gun he used in the murders. His his cousin then turned him in. He was tried for just one of the murders the motel killing because there was a witness who saw him in the registration office that night. The trial lasted just two days and the jury unanimously recommended the death penalty now up until this point nothing would suggest a national story was in the works folks but the death penalty had just been reinstated by the Supreme Court in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. The court had ordered states to commute all death sentences to life in prison and in states started passing new death penalty statutes that were upheld ruling in one thousand nine hundred seventy six so that same year when Gary Gilmore killed old two people there had been no executions in the US for nearly a decade the previous one had been in Colorado in nineteen sixty seven. After Gary Gilmore was sentenced. He didn't appeal the death sentence and he fired his lawyers. Utah's law let Gilmore choose his method of execution either hanging Or firing squad. He picked the firing squad saying he wanted to quote die. Like a man. Gilmore's mother tried to get a stay of execution on his behalf. The Supreme Court refused to hear her claim and it was around that point. That Gilmore's case became a national story. People wrote into the warden volunteering on tearing to join the firing squad all three TV. Networks asked for permission to film The execution and amidst all this that December of nineteen seventy six Saturday night live ran macab skit in which candace Bergen introduced choir that included Gilda radner. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi singing singing a holiday medley titled. Let's kill Gary Gilmore for Christmas..

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Gary Gilmore Gilmore, Colorado, Utah discussed on Go West, Young Podcast

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