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We lit right i feel like it's easy to do on vander pump roles it less so easy and so fun hands i i hate that i love my drink so much you know what i will have i've been doing a big rewatta vander pump rules i just finished with like the last two seasons and i was surprised in real time you're hanging out so much with christon dodie how crazy is that how did that come about on you know i awad of people sit there and they're like she's crazy and i'm like now she's just real she just wears her crazy on her sleeve and i love that of our home like how uber's get them grow anybody who the sound so wayne but anybody who loves their dog more than life itself i'm like you're a good check so we've just started connecting and she's she's kind to me and when i launched my lip line give them all a beauty make sure you get that on shabwa beauty dot com nice she was so kind and supportive and it's very telling about someone when they just randomly text yonsei like hey just wanted to say happy valentine's day to you and your boo wow you are really a nice person yes so i can act with kristin she's a good one uh uh well someone you i think in khorasan have commoner obviously james we saw on social media that you kind of officially unfunded him and said you were done where are you now ahead of that come about and why the way that he spoke about my boyfriend is something that i can't forgive you know and i would hope that if my boyfriend had a friend and they spoke about me in the way he spoke about my man that he would end his friendship with them that's what i would expect so the fact that this this is my human that i fully intend on spending my whole life with he has two children he is the son of someone he's the brother of someone in that's how you speak about him.

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