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Welcome back American hundred fifty tweeting out the creepiest story of the year absolutely the previous story here so if you're easily creeped out you may want to turn off the the show right now but you probably should you should hear about this I told you yesterday Google had begun an attempt to collect every health record on people in the world it's called project nightingale buttons on ominous does it doesn't remember the song of the nightingale is about Iran contra show Google's project nightingale triggers federal inquiry Wall Street journal this morning Google's project with the country's second largest health system to collect detailed help information on fifty million American patients sparked a federal in Korean criticism from patients and lawmakers yet thank the data on patients of Saint Louis paying attention were until recently scattered across forty data centers and more than a dozen states Google in the Catholic non profit moving that data into Google's cloud computing system with potentially big changes on tap for doctors and patients editions for regulators and lawmakers are expressed concern is whether Google and ascension are adequately protecting patient data in the initiative which is code named project nightingale in is aimed at crunching data to produce better health care among other goals stock here's number one question did they opt in because if they didn't Google stole their data is using their data to make money that's his ascension if they did not say I'm game my man well wait are you reach you at my mom was a nurse and they did this about long term by the two new old or vertical study of nurses in America that began when she got out a nursing school in nineteen forty six or so and every five years she would sit down and produce and fill out these forms of the nurses studies sort of famous until she died always produce good they they were tracking a cohort of nurses they figure the nurses would be responsible people and they would tell them about their you know all their different health issues in their weight their age their blood sugar all that kind of stuff and they would use that data and so I understand what the the deal is but migrate opted in mark is a set you up that in did you opt in to this Google study if not that Google owes you money if they took your data and they're using your data and you don't know it's creepy as hell it took the creepiest thing in the what we had to play Nick Cave again because it's just that is the red red hand come to get your health data about that do a new thank you volunteer for that absolutely not thank you we want them to know everything about you you know you you got a lot of health data well we did just the last five years I know yeah you probably broke the machine in the last five years but I I'm just saying nobody opted into this this is astonishingly terribly corrupt and we would be paying attention to it except for the ship show trial which gets under way today and it's a it is a show trial it's a sham they vetoed the Republican witnesses I got a lot of problems with FX part take on tax secret hearings but my biggest problem is they're not letting the Republicans and the president call witnesses that is the fact though due process violation imagine any setting from the homeowner or homeowner association dispute over that you can add a window to the expulsion of a student from high school to the appeal of a of a grade or a charge of plagiarism in college I'm thinking of common ordinary to speak just see all day long to an allegation of inappropriate touching in the workplace two of course our civil trial or or a criminal trial misdemeanor through felony you have witnesses for the defense then you're not allowed to bring up I'm freaking believable Joe in Sarasota Florida one eight hundred five two OO one two three four connection with you you it shall what do they have the item ship show trial Joe very welcome you're you're you're doing a great job Adam Schiff show in New York where I come from originally they say the first things from the head down this man Adam Schiff is connected to the Obama people and also to the George Soros people and these telephone poles are choosing people who are anti trump so therefore the truth will set us free one day this band president trump will survive but he will be reelected and then he's going to clean house more thank you for and let me go to end the bags on fox news congressman big from Arizona and friend of mine cut number twenty three is on fox news yesterday talking about Adam ship well I mean we can we can get we're going to continue with that narrative I mean the reality is Mr Schiff is already said that he's not going to let the witnesses on Devin newness is list come in and we've put together a list of witnesses that we think should come in and he's not going to let these witnesses come in to defend the president he's going to continue to try to control everything and that's the major problem with the process here it's not a fair process is not due process it's it's Adam Schiff process and Nancy Pelosi's process and if you do it that way and I think they're in a dangerous situation my opening this thing up because the whole world will now see Adam Schiff try to control everything and that's not good for the Democrats I want to talk about the clothes store process of course there are three committees leading the interviews out of the four hundred thirty two total members of the house a hundred and three members sit on the house intelligence foreign affairs and oversight committees of which forty seven members are Republicans okay so there are Republicans in these meetings the question though is you know what do you believe that those Republicans have you know access to have they been given a fair shake a transparency even behind closed doors well the answer is no and and we know that from looking at the transcripts first of all we do they didn't get the transcripts if they want to see the transcripts they had to be one or two special especially knowing the people in there that the Democrats sitting next to them this transcript were delayed the testimony if you read some of the testimony of fine Adam Schiff actually objecting to the question and that he's the the finder of lost so he says I it's just basically I sustain my objection I think of past that other times he's actually interjecting thank clarifying this testimony that he found objectionable that that is that's very important it's also go and check out what the house oversight Republicans put out an ad yesterday cut number six we will treat the president with fairness Democrat on the house intelligence committee under fire tonight for reciting what he later called a parody of president trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president and unfortunately the last hearing he did when he tried to keep by half an offer some kind of for me house Republicans not the only ones calling out Intel chair Adam Schiff over his contact with the whistle blowers The Washington Post given shift we have not spoken we would like to explain and with the congressman and people around because it democratic chairman and chief spokesman confirmed the whistleblower contacted the committee ship was tipped off about the complaint days before in this file he clearly gave no indication that he ever met with the whistle blower or to anybody on his team than ever met with the most the was about to testify and if so when yes and I hope very soon from rules allow for Republicans to request other witnesses Republican lawmakers requested specific witnesses including hunter Biden and the intelligence community whistle blower Adam Schiff says he will not allow for those witnesses to anonymous anonymous whistle blower as well as how to by others to come and this is such and such a charade and people that I respect for whatever reason don't understand this one of my good friend father bill Daley a teacher at Notre Dame law says look what you admit the GOP had control over witnesses in the Clinton impeachment in the majority always well and much less a bunch of irrelevant witnesses like hunter Biden be called they did and they allowed anyone the president wanted but it was the star report that drove it in the Nixon impeachment everyone got to call whomever they wanted to in the in the Senate hearing superseded by year the house proceedings ever got to vote the point is unless you can tell me with certainty that hunter Biden the whistle blower would not provide any testimony or any other Republican witnesses would not provide testimony that would lead to a no vote on the articles of impeachment what they are doing is violating due process it is a charade if you do not allow relevant witnesses to appear and the house GOP determines that and I don't think there's an American out there that doesn't think hunter Biden in the whistle blower are relevant to this don't make that argument bill don't anybody make that argument luger intellectual credibility of course they are relevant I don't know if they're guilty of anything I don't have the nerve testify but they need to testify Mike in Wisconsin in Cedarburg hi Mike good morning you're on the Hugh Hewitt show good morning Mr Hewitt unless publicity comes to your correct conclusion that is ultimately will backfire on their objectives it is incumbent an inherent that Mister McConnell and Lindsey Graham actually go through with a full trial in the Senate because that's the only way that the skin on the charade will be exposed it's the only way that Noone has witness list which was really merely a reckoning okay let me tell you where we are on that Richard Burr in the Senate yesterday the chair of Intel said it would be a six to eight week trial with witnesses galore I am against that time for dismissing this before it gets started as being improperly granted as being an assault on due process but if they go and if they go to trial what it let every witness be called you betcha Diane in Cleveland hello Diane good morning thanks for having me I'm a listing every word you're saying about the impeachment procedure but I did want to make one more little comment about your announcement about Google and ascension and that helps history being studied without people opting in I think most disturbing and scary word in that announcement you made the work the chaplain well I I can't believe it ascension is a Catholic system I can't believe it I really can't but you know it's like the privacy the confessionals next Brandt in Los Angeles what do you think Brent your upper early hello Hugh what you're calling a charade I call a satanic smokescreen that that no no no we don't go that far John in Dover Delaware go ahead John if not to panic if you Democrats being Democrats go ahead John the morning here yeah I just want to know when we did our job is on our side there's obvious things that the Democrats are involved in the raid on television talking about it looking Jill Biden window legal after the Democrats for their clients yeah I don't want to I don't want to be Adam Schiff I don't want to do this I want no part of breaking basic American norms on questions like this I want no part of it zero I want the American people understand this is a Democrat this is the devolution of American politics into the gutter led by Nancy Pelosi in Adam shift toward using ruthless tactics in inconsistent with basic American fairness the American people are a fair people that is why public hearings when they are not circus hearings have always led the exoneration or conviction of innocent or wrong party that's because we see and we judge fairly but we can't see because Adam Schiff tells the blinders on that's the problem good news there's really factor in my studio we get joy out join sticky fingered better half didn't get in here and the time I was done there's my because my the only factor that calm and I've got my four pills for the day didn't hurt myself on the plane yesterday my but I Keren and curcumin as they're trying to make it absolutely necessary to feeling good feeling to respect to to being ready for the fight and ready for the day I have long been on the west coast they had to me I'm in the California studio to the U. your child for a few days and I just want to say they're mostly of the coast and west coast in between really factor goes with me wherever I go and you have to take it wherever you go every morning and I remind you two more times in the course of today that it's vital to feeling good for that supported the temporary relief of minor aches and pains that accompany exercise aging and putting bags in the overhead compartment whatever it is that you do that strange any part of your body the only factor dot com.

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