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Or sitting thinking and it's fantastic and i recommend it to everyone thanks for the call not much david what can i do for you man no man for the professor right now listening to you let's go professor i like i just cycle and and i was the no yeah just cannot move motorcycle accident and that's one of my best friends like my best friend i we recommend me to you come vice let me see you and he told me they man now this man is a man like everything that he says right now having a freeze on tom leykis i'm listening yeah i have a cold one and i'm just trying to say like i'm i'm not i lease feel like i work at a terrorist on the family and came out of i get an exercise and when i get in trouble for telling you all this like between unions out there what do you what oh my question was you know what can i do to my life was at a terrorist shop family on power shot my brother in law and he sending them why do you why do you care what other people think i should have the family you know like and i gotta give that out there no no the fact that someone's family doesn't give them license to say you're a loser so let's say you cut them out of your life like a cancer two two thanks for the advice man you're god man god man like i hope you don't walk air man i want to support two hours away can i tell you everything everything about my life so you know i don't have tiny everything about your life but you're welcome to call in and tell it in bits and pieces as you go look forward to hearing back from your david robin parameters new jersey hello hey tom hey stick my call.

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