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Is is is gonna take the country forward and a and a different um a different kind of soviet union and then you spent the last few years of the obama administration in a in a pretty heated confrontation with the russians they uh hacked you before hacking was fashionable i as i said my forrest gump career i was an early early adopter as a as a as a vic victim of the russian tradecraft before we go back to russia because obviously i want to understand especially the last few years of america's policy toward russia and where we are today with trump you know you you left the state department a year ago and you did it literally right before the trump administration was sworn in a year later uh none of the career embassador is which was the title the you ultimately attained in your your career at the foreign service i believe there were six a year ago they're now all gone with the announcement that tom shannon well also be leaving there's been this dramatic uh what feels like assault on the notion of the foreign service you don't tell me a little bit about that you you decided to leave uh and what do you think the consequences are of not having people like like you present inside anymore well as as you say some of us made early decisions that the positions that we were that were being taken were just too much at odds with things that we had invested in for our whole careers uh i was ambassador to nato deputy did at nato into here uh a president call nato obsolete before we had an opportunity to get into a conversation about its value for us security how to improve nato if that's what the president wanted it just worried me in terms of my ability to to serve so some of us made those choices some of the senior people very much wanted to stay and they were drummed out very quickly um whether those were informed decisions or whether they were simply we gotta lock off the no lobby off the old guard tom shannon my colleague served hugely loyally trying to glue the building he was the guy who proved a bridge for the trump administration.

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