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To down nobody on that's when i found out when i work with john martin whom he ran all the sports he he has been radio all the advance he went out to do here's the pitch on the way and inside for law and everybody called him chief i i thought that was just in movies all right chievo get on that dave chief need to see a right away here's the pitch and that is a called the strike on ball one strike to rochon leo but no real life john martin chief then when you see me realise that's why they call them chico what is he 611 east is huge here's the one one pitch and they're there for therefore called strike tune he dunks on you know he wants to give you like a message and you know that immediately want to the couch to rush hour real data wide up and the pitch on the way as a shot deep and foul down the rightfield line that's over everything and into the water but a mirror foul fly off the bat of russia area wanted to anyway detroit isis in it you've worked for many times ya here's the wind up the one to pitch and has popped up founded back into the second day he's not going to say that he stopped calling me by god used to work form here's to be real close chief and i had i guess i i could say the same thing it did exclusive club up here beck here's the what to pitch now struck came out swinging gutter on the outside actually proud chipped the ball and into the glove the buster posey's strongly there for some artery lasted a six hill slater and some are you do odd giants are trailing three two two nottingham beyond northern.

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