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Addicted so you have this spy role and it's so much cheaper do to take care women and hello win is so comparable to the opie or eight and and is you know peoria so here we go and and then what's happening is that the lack of regulations in all the other things that go on when you have drug addiction and the amount to and the way in which her win this and the her went on the streets today skilling killing at the highest number in in the history a record keeping it was actually changed in our longevity has changed a lot of that was i said plus concert with the only induction late nation in paid for our longevity and actually decrease first time fifty sixty years and only do to be number of depth in young people from your would you know i'd intentional you didn't do this on purpose these were no more people that took to pill instead of one because of the really bad decade and i did i eighty patience today the people are chris kreider of your it's you're who got on hair when beat through prescribed opiate sunday are dying is actually changing are longevity she huge yes soon the senior job is an awesome task it's a it's a news undertaking to educate americans and doctor is about alternatives and so one of the things that we need to talk about his the miss this information about this plant we're not talking and i can't stress enough we're not talking about sitting around tim passing enjoying team for could not talking about that but if you want to do that go for it absolutely if this is what you know if you wanna oh and that's how your form of recreation is absolutely go for it for many people a lot of a car a couple i don't try to right after exactly be responsible p responsible but and many people have sworn that this is this is it plant has changed their arrives has helped them focused has help them got out of depression has helped the mentally in so many ways which for another show we can talk about what it can do to stimulate the brain but for people that choose not to get high we have something colts cb danny we have something called the the actual orioles of cb de.

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