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So I don't know. We'll see what happens with all of that. But Hopefully this they'll get some sort of a cure for this thing pretty soon, a shot we can all take and get a little bit more back to reality than Then what things are right now Bill of you notice, in effect from taken in items at Huggins and Scott from his heir, you getting less enorme or in or about the same? No, I think actually, we're getting more stuff in right now. There was There was a little low right before our last auction with Yeah. One with his right When the Kobe being hit people, I think we're just Freaked out about everything, and now they're of their last martyr and how to take care of yourself and do all that. So there are a lot more open upto coming to their houses and picking up stuff for Driving to our offices and we're in math and everything and Filling out consignment form. So you know it's the mailing of stuff we're getting. 03 to 10 packages every gate with different people. That's very good. People have brought in stuff for Ah Huggins and scatter actions to me a Triple crown to some pretty good stuff. I just sensed something in yesterday. Some need stuff People are bringing in. So it's time for a short break here. Now after the break. We're gonna have Hey, which ended higher Jon Drummond. The Nancy Huggins will join us and we'll see what happens when hang in there. We'll be right back. ESPN 1000 was home for sports. Are you looking to cash in on all those years.

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