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Battling he's not so. I think that we've only started to see what gusto fernandez is capable of once he gets to this. Ktm squad if there is real long term potential. There it's going to start the show and it really is an opportunity. I think for fernandez take off here. Not that they have a place to put either rider. If these guys do take off. But still i mean if you. Kate's him the problem. You want to have too much talent. As opposed to not enough you want to be able to let martine go am regretted a little but know that you've got pedro cost and every single fernandez who's talented waiting-in-the-wings behind him. Just in case. I'm now the fernandez move opens up the spot. Of course it marked. Dds that's going to be filled next season by tony marino. Now don't think that's a bad option for either side of this equation. Arellano has been a little bit slow to adjust to moto too. Because like i mentioned earlier it is a pretty big jump. But he's an aggressive rider. He's got potential and now he's going to get the opportunity to race alongside sam. Lowes next year. So i think it's going to be beneficial for his development with a good baseline to aim for with lows. And who knows this could be the change that really shakes him out of his funk to start his motoo career so that's what. ktm is up to grabbing as much talent as a possibly can to line guys up for right now. Non-existent motor gp rides. Let's move on from there before we talk about. Aragon to some of your comments and i want to start with knee dragon. Who mentioned deejays post for the one thousand ninety eight subscriber on the right at sub- with his streetfighter. Ten ninety eight and he said hey. Wait a minute. What about the regular ten ninetieths. You have no love for those heck. Yeah we do. I don't think you're gonna find many detractors around these parts of the iconic superbike version of the ten ninety eight. Oh and by the way. Dj all supposed to pick that. We're going to talk about coming up in a little bit. That could have been a stand in for the eleven hundred subscriber except we've already exceeded eleven hundred subscribers on read it and if you haven't subscribed yet you should do it and not because i get anything for it. I don't But we're just trying to build the biggest community of motorcycle enthusiasts embracing fans as we can and we'd love to have you join the conversation so if you haven't subscribed to read it yet go ahead and do it and if you arm jump over to the sub and subscribe over there and by the way Dj when we get to your picture. We're going to call that the honorary photo for the eleven hundred subscribers. Since i believe that casting eleven hundred. Cc motor and it's a heck of a lot more interesting than the eleven hundred c bike. That i've got in the garage and the pictures look way better to all right. So let's move on from there to a little bit of talk about maverick fan. Y'all s who of course is going to be making his affiliate debut this weekend and arrogant and of course he did the test last week. For a pro and chucky katie said that she thought that this was a very interesting situation for mavericks specifically his mental state heading into this new situation and how relieved he seems to be making the switch to be debuting on the brand new bike despite the fact that there are shortcomings with the appropriate. When you compare it to the omaha it says the fact that he is so happy moving backwards for all intents and purposes really says something about how unhappy he was at apprecia- and she related it to you know being stuck in a job you really don't like and you're just looking for a way out. You're not even sure if the way out is the right thing or not. But it's just better than the situation that you're in and i think that's a very interesting point because it was a few weeks ago that we were talking about riders relating to us non moto. Gp writers and i believe it was chunky. Kitty that brought this up if not then it was somebody else over. Read it and this may actually be one way that mo- gp riders can relate to everyday people like you and me even if they don't actually know they're relating to us because the majority of us let's face it have been in that position. We've been maverick than y'all is searching desperately for our apprecia- to take us away from that work situation that we really don't like and i think you're right to say that that's not accusatory of one side or the other necessarily sometimes things just don't work out sometimes get along with your boss or your job or which have to do so you move to a different place in. You're super excited to get that started but every new job. This one included for maverick vanzella's does have that honeymoon period and we will find out if it really is. A particular feeling is looking for or if the results matter most because he'll be tested on the result side for sure and we're all gonna find out together maverick included if the grass really greener and what he's going to do if it's not and like eddie reminded us over on facebook. It's really easy to forget with all of this excitement surrounding the midseason switch and all the drama with yamaha and the now are probably involved. The vanilla is is still a rider very much in the mold of lorenzo that has to have everything lined up perfectly for him to really perform. Well it doesn't take much to knock him off balance and because of that. That's why people like ben on facebook in a couple of people read it arm really convinced at this point they think there is a chance of things may spiral quickly out of control without that performance without that right bike under. Maverick straight out of the gate. So that's why. I'm excited to see what's going to happen this weekend. It's an interesting story. That's only going to get interesting. Are if that's a word and i'm going to say it is but keep in mind that i know that we're all really condition now for things to happen really quickly in the world of motor. Gp where a couple of years ago you'd have a contract announcement and you had to wait until the next season to see that ride on the bike. How we've even had contracts announced an entire year before the ryder actually going to get off the bike and switch now. It's like what a matter of weeks that somebody dumps one manufacturer and his signed on for another. This maverick fan. Y'all israeli situation is not going to play out entirely at aragon. It's just the beginning. In fact if the bike doesn't perform matvey is going to be patient with the season. I think we could get all the way until maybe the midpoint of next year if things are still going poorly where we start to see the frustration set in in the comments. Start and things like that. That's a lot of time for both rider and bike to get themselves sorted out and moving in the right direction. So don't expect to pay off when it comes to what is going to do on the apprecia- this weekend and don't take what happens. This weekend is necessarily representative of. What's gonna happen long-term with maverick on that bike. And you want a perfect example of that. Think about fabio quarrel last year on the yamaha and fabio yaro this year on the omaha. That's how quickly things can change from being dismal and wanting to leave to being on top of the entire world championship but now let's transition briefly from the motor. gp world championship to world superbike. Because a little bit of drama over the weekend and magna core jonathan ray to- procr- scotla glue separated by just seven points in the championship. After a very controversial post-race protest and track limits call penalizing ruts galileo gloom. We are gonna talk about that penalty in a minute but the reason that it was all brought up in the first place is because captain booby over. Read it. I love that screen name by the wedge slough saying captain poopie put up some screen shots of one of the more exciting moments of the race. That did not involve tope rocker. Ray or the penalty but instead andrei alaka tally inadvertently making contact with michael vandermark. Front brake lever on the front stretch. And when you see that second shot it becomes apparent that seconds still frame it becomes apparent. Just how epic that save was by vandermark. In real time. It happened so quickly that it just kind of seemed like a little bit of smoke coming out of the frontier. And that was it in those screen. Shots i mean. Vandermark was full wrecking. Hell gathered it up in the split. Second that don't ask me. Because i don't know i know where i would have been. I would have been over there in the grass somewhere. Had that happened after flying through the air. But let's get back to the penalty with ray and what scotla glue do wanna talk about that for. A minute happened the super bowl. They're all over the place and how close it was for red. Scott leo glue vary very similar by the way to the track limits penalty. That maverick daniela's got earlier this season. And for those who didn't see it ray. What's got leo. Glue racing desperately for i and of course a critical race like i said they're only separated by seven points now Emerald scotla glue went just a little wide little.

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