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Who what where grand why why they by why why why why did did with robbie e m mack coup the first episode is this wednesday march fourteen at white ended dot com or subscribe on i two john comes back to the ring on november 3rd of the house show in cincinnati where we would see sean bread and diesel beat yokozuna king mabel them british bulldog and they do that same mass for the next week on the house shows and i think the idea here is if we're not sure about xi'an's condition let's put him in tag matches assume will have to do as much yes let him get is let him get his ring legs back under am and just see what we've got there let's go to but he was clear he was medically cleared to go back in but we still wanted to give a little time survivor series 95 goes down on november 19th and landover maryland and a wildcard match which mixed faces and heels together sean teamed with said ahmed johnson and the british bulldog to take on oon heart dean douglas yokozuna and razor ramon we talked about this on a razor ramon show melts gave a three and a half stars sean penn douglas and in sean on man and bulldog where the soul survivors what did you think of this wild card concept and his ideal as it was bill watts idea in i hated it because it made no rhyme or reason it was just done to do it right and there was never an explanation uh it wasn't four anything and we just did it put the it was there was no rhyme or reason to it i just felt it was.

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