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To say I think we need to clarify the decades okay the decades of problems are in the buildings teachers they have not been needing repair for over a decade they've been working hard they've been misunderstood and we all have a right to help that's a problem and Gallo says despite all of the discussion about the school buildings one of her top priorities will be supporting the teachers and the students American troops finally be coming home from Afghanistan after twenty years or maybe according to The Washington Post the trump administration is close to a deal with the Taliban that would mean thousands of US troops could be coming home what would we get other than our boots back the post reports the Taliban would agree to a ceasefire and renunciation of al queda as part of the deal to end the eighteen year old conflict the Taliban would also have to start negotiations with the Afghan government on a peace deal the company that makes guns like the one used in the twenty twelve Newtown Connecticut mass shootings what the Supreme Court to stop a lawsuit Remington outdoor company is appealing the ruling by the Connecticut Supreme Court that allowed a wrongful death lawsuit against the gun maker by families of nine people and one survivor of the sandy hook elementary school massacre families ordering the company marketed the weapon that killed twenty children and six adults for use in combat style missions the gun makers arguing that the two thousand and five protection of lawful commerce in arms act protection from liability from Catherine Greg from pro Joe mid to go she Asians are the new state contract I G. T. the company that runs the Rhode Island lottery donated a hundred fifty thousand dollars to the democratic governors association in recent months while Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo was leading the group as chairwoman and I. G. T. lobbyist and former chairman Donald Sweitzer was treasurer the contributions came all the reminder administration was negotiating a proposed twenty year no bid lottery contract extension with I. G. T. twin river which is led opposition to the proposed contract extension also donated to the democratic governors association a hundred thousand dollars on February twenty eighth put another way a quarter million of the record breaking nineteen million the DGA is raised on reminders watch came from Rhode island's warring gambling Titans well this morning the government releases the jobs report for July let's get details from fox's Hillary bar ski Wall Street will be closely watching the employment figures for signals that the longest US economic expansion on record is beginning to slow way down by trade tensions and softening global.

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