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Loss of income. During the pandemic fifty one percent of colorado's of color have lost income since the beginning of the pandemic compared with thirty five percent of white colorado's hagar says additional federal assistance will be needed to meet the scale of the crisis but some members of congress have opposed passing additional. Relief package is citing concerns about rising national debt and uncertainty. That money will go to those most in need. I'm eric gladys that same poll found that hugger is now a top concern for almost one in four. Colorado households help is available online at o. Food finder dot. Org cnn reports. President biden is open to some negotiations on this one point nine trillion dollar covid nineteen relief package but not the six. Hundred billion dollar counterproposal announced by some republican senators. The white house is reported to be specifically open to considering scaling down checks for families making more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars per year but the administration is not considering cutting off months of unemployment insurance access or money going to schools at home caregivers for people with disabilities and older folks washington state a whole do the line at budget talks with the state we get more from eric titles individual provider members of. Sei you seven. Seven five are negotiating their contract for the next two years. They don't want to be swept up in potential budget cuts during the pandemic caregiver. Dora pokey says state contracts workers for certain hours but they often provide care around the clock. Especially they're helping out a family member limited with the hours do contract you for and sometimes the second job. You're not able to work out of the house because these clients that we take care of. They require that hands on. Lawmakers have pushed back because of the unusual budget year during the covid nineteen pandemic. The state is looking at three point. Three billion dollar shortfall through twenty twenty three according to a forecast from last year the workers contract expires at the end of june. This is a key advocacy group for asian americans. Have minnesota hopes a country is turning the corner on reducing hateful rhetoric towards community members but it says emerging plans need more detail and that diversity and government still is a big concern last week. President joe biden signed a memorandum condemning and combating racism and xenophobia against asian americans and pacific. Islanders the move directs the justice department to enhance efforts on data collection and reporting of hate crimes and harassment nick core of minnesota's coalition of asian american leaders authorities need to do a thorough breakdown when taking a closer look at the numbers because the american experiences so wide and diverse company. Everyone together within asian american sort of like check boxes can be misleading at times. Before they're encouraged to see biden condemn rhetoric such as china virus that former president. Donald trump used to describe covid nineteen. I might mohan meantime. Many teachers in illinois are joining a national campaign. This week called black lives matter at school to raise awareness about structural racism in the us. It's often not included in the standard curriculum. They're advancing agenda for schools from including more black and ethnic studies in the curriculum to hiring more black teachers. They also want to end. Zero tolerance disciplined policies and fund more and social workers rather than school. Police officers dr mo niekro smith is with the illinois federation of teachers curing race and racism. Lesson plans in black history history month ideas not just during this week not just during this month but year round and not just in schools that served black students or the first students of color. We need to ensure that curricula is really a mirror and a window. Research shows black students who have at least one black teacher early in life in kindergarten through third grade are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college for public news service. I'm willie bulky. Finally mary sherman tells us they. State of the art tool is helping researchers indiana a small device known as a super gauge gathers data around the clock on water quality and the wabash river in new harmony. Knox county farmer ray. Mccormick explains the wabash as a primary source of nitrogen and phosphorus flowing into the mississippi river and onto the gulf of mexico. Wabash is the biggest contributor as a percentage per acre to the golf hypoc is on the wall bash rivers very pristine and it's quite the asset for our state but the watershed that goes into the wall. Bash has been highly degraded river super gauge. Which cost several thousand dollars was installed with funding from the nature conservancy along with public and private partners. This is mike clifford. Thanks for starting your week with public news. Service member enlisted supported or not great.

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