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And we're getting ready for the. Now here in North Carolina. Yeah. You could are how close are you to the to the Appalachian ridge over there in the western part of the state? Well, ashville is I'm about one hundred sixty or seventy miles from there. I'm kind of in the center of the state, but even here there kind of somewhere between I don't know like four to maybe it's possibly nine or ten inches. Yeah. I I mean, even if you're getting snow like that in the Piedmont, it's going to be trouble. I was just looking at at what's coming in. How far it's going to travel. So beat do be careful and thanks for jumping in. Where do you wanna go here with open lines? I wanted to get your opinion wanted to call in a few weeks ago. But I wasn't feeling. Well, what do you? What's your take on the whole Heather Locklear downward spiral because I hadn't heard much since the summer. And then of course, she was on the front cover of a supermarket tabloid. Apparently, not doing any better. So yeah. What he's referring to is that this. Story is kind of well documented in a way because of her continued run ins with police. And that she whether it's driving or being accused of being violent is that Heather Locklear who at one point was kind of America's sweetheart, you know, kind of the typical. Kind of the the blonde beauty with some brains. I mean, she really was you know, she she wasn't. She wasn't a dopey actress. And she seemed like a really interesting person. I think yeah. I mean, I my opinion is I read about some of the tabloid stuff is this is this is what happened mental illness can come to anybody, and it comes in all sorts of different forms and. Manic depression. Whether it's. Other other types of soft psychosis as opposed to like, some of the harder stuff that happens. It's enough to throw somebody off and then when you're under the celebrity spotlight. Everything looks bad. I feel sorry for, but it's pretty obvious that she like a lot of other people in this country seemed to be breaking down. And I think your term downward spiral is is is apt. What do you think of it? Why did you bring it up? It's interesting that you that you focused on that. Well, now, some of the younger generation may not be familiar with her. But I pretty much grew up watching her on television. I mean, she was such a staple on many of the show. She was on dynasty TJ Hooker time at the same time. Which is even actually she was on to hit shows at the same time. That's how did she was. She was just the basically the staple of American television in the eighties and nineties, and I had always been a big fan of her. And I know she had even when she was on Melrose pray. She had an on. Again, off again relationship with Jack Wagner, I know. And I mean, I've just you know, until recently, I just never I was thought of a pretty much being, you know, somewhat stable and granted purrs. She'd been portrayed Hilary, Duff's. Mother in the movie called the perfect men years ago. And you know, it really is. I'm really just quite by that she's doing so badly so poorly. Yep. I think it's a good reminder that no matter nothing puts us in a bubble. You know, nothing. There's no force field out there that can protect us from things like that. And I hope she continues to get the help that she needs without having it compounded everywhere by paparazzi who are cataloging misbehavior. But your point is taken. I'm glad you brought it up that is different don's in Kent Ohio on a wildcard line on coast to coast AM, Don brother, e unhappy Sabbath and for that matter. Happy Hanukkah to for those. Yup. Hey, no, local Christian radio program did an interview with the former leader legal counsel the World Bank. Karen, who's who thought that the CIA was running the country and was shocked to find out that it was the Jesuits actually running the country in one. One of the callers referred to the CIA s Catholics in action. I grew up Catholic I'm shocked at some of these revelations. I mean, I was like I mean for people who don't know what makes Jesuits so special. I mean in their Scholasticism the Jesuit and with their they're sort of an elite order not everybody can become a Jesuit. They have been often referred to as sort of the Vatican's secret agents, and they would to the degree. That's true. I don't know. But I've always I kind of appreciate that about the Jesuits that they they really are kind of a unique group. I do I really don't believe that anybody runs the country. I just I think so many of those things are modeled after that old anti-semitic troop trope about. About the the kind of octopus. Like tentacles that go out into the world like spectre kind of the thing. So I don't think that's true. But it's I mean and on a Protestant seems like a Protestant kind of radio station. I think they probably love to point the finger at the Catholic church. It's it's it's unfair. But it's it's also sort of time tested, and there's a lot of people that would probably go into that. Why would you think the Jesuits are running the world? What what what was their best most convincing piece of evidence that the Jesuits behind everything will banned from Europe by the pope, they were disenfranchised by the pope. And then all of a sudden, they became blunders in the Lord again, but all the leading right members the highest echelon of a German Reich in World War Two were Jewish Jesuit trained. And then the Castro brothers. Dylan weather were Jesuit train. And it was interesting that this pope with the help of you know, Barack Obama ended about seven years of sanctions against Cuba without any knowledge of the congress. So they were banned in Europe for their dealings in politics, or it's supposed to be this separation of church and state now with the Jesuits, they're everywhere. Well, okay. But you know, again, I would argue sort of a game of numbers. And if you're going to have a Catholic education, really, there's there's probably two main organizations the Franciscans, and then the Jesuits, and it's two slightly different styles in terms of Catholic education. But some of the biggest universities have been run by Jesuits. I don't think that just going to a Catholic university. Like as you mentioned some important people in history. Have I don't think that that's proof that somehow they're part of some cub all that's running. The world. By sheer numbers. A lot of people will have been associated with the Jesuits. I think it's the same thing. I hear when people accused the the church of today saints for having the same type of influence. I need a lot more proof before I come to that. But I I appreciate the call. It's interesting thought I haven't heard that theory in a while I'll get to know the open call your in just a second. But I will say this. I do remember earlier this week on another radio show, or perhaps it's a it's a it's a podcast just the other day. Somebody defended it was a it was a kind of a radical, right? Christian minister who is on the air in some form. And he was saying that it was. He was calling into question. Why people were jumping on President Trump's case for not saying the apostles creed. Neither he nor Malania did during the Bush funeral. And he said, well, you know, it's we don't need the apostles creed. You don't it's not essential to being Christian. He was he was better off not saying it, and then he kind of talked about it being one of these artificial things that you know, exists in Christianity, they're they're they're not good for the church. And so you don't have to be you don't have to be you could be a Christian not observe the apostles creed. Or be able to talk about it's probably better that you don't that was his conclusion, and I think that's just so silly. I mean, the apostles creed is is like the central core arguments. Christianity, I think he was confusing over the nice scene creed, which is a little more legalistic approach, but the apostles creed is essentially a restating of the baptism avows. And what's more central to the Christian, faith and baptismal vows? Anyway, I didn't get his argument. And I don't think it's true. I go to Charles is an Elgin, Texas on coast to coast AM, Charles. Hey, they're in. Yeah. I kinda still kind of interested in this whole sort of cover up. Long arm just cover up thing. And and things like that. That thing that happened in Houston with the cardiologists. I don't is there. Anybody bit still kind of you know, interested in. Well, I guess maybe information or pursuing some of the more recent cover up actions, you know, whether fascinations or what have you? I mean, I kind of. To have a personal interest in this, I suppose because. I was told year before last when they. I didn't really hard accepted. But when they said that. Mike told me that my then assassinated, I kind of had it kind of you know, but the, you know, we we have and my dad. I didn't use all my connection. I didn't use my connections. And I there was a reason why I didn't do that. And he he he used to tell me not to say certain things. And I guess I must've said something that I shouldn't have said. And why what happened if you said something you didn't say somebody got assassinated. My dad, we your dad was assassinated. Yeah, you know, George will. Lawyer. He's always trying to figure out a way to you know, that dog you that my dad wasn't assassinated that it was an accident or this or that he was assassinated. I didn't believe it either. I wouldn't have thought that at first I thought was.

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