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Covering this for ABC News intact with Cuomo's Taylor van size. Alex. Several emails in the last week have hit my inbox from I don't want to out them necessarily. But let's call them. Um, shame. Alaska Airlines. How bad are things right now? If you are a member of I don't know. Let's call him West South. You're going to notice that today they're saying Hey, if you will fly one round trip. We will give you a companion pass for the first couple of months of next year that that you know some of these deals right now they are desperately saying book and book right now. And it's a trend of the airlines started seeing in early August as adult A variant was spreading that for a while, they had been saying No, no, no, that things were still looking good. They were bringing back Cruz planes were full airports were back. But that's all changed. And now today, a bunch of the major airlines made filings with the federal government, saying that their outlook has changed and that travel demand has disappeared again because of the delta variant. Today. Andrew Casella at United an exact They're telling investors conference that they're seeing a big uptick and canceled trips lack in booking for the fall. Here's what he's saying. The headlines for The double the variant and what was happening here in the country and around the world really kind of overtook the situation. Um and quickly kind of change the outlooks, which now I think, reflect You know when the 18 united put out this morning? Um, quite frankly, what we're seeing around the industry? Yeah, pretty much. Everybody reports that they're seeing And they do. Though Taylor believed the travel demand over Thanksgiving Christmas, New Year's will come back will be strong. The prices will be high again. So this is what it means for you. They need you. They want you to travel. That prices are plummeting right now. Round trip to Europe under 300 bucks in some cases to Florida under 200 l a x to Maui 99 bucks each way. And over the travel site Hopper. They say the deal is pretty incredible that the airlines are They know that between now and about mid November, their businesses dried up, and they need you to fill that we found that the absolute cheapest prices are going to start appearing around mid September or next week. Make sure you're looking at least four weeks in advance at least three weeks in advance for Thanksgiving as well. So not good news for the airlines may be good news for you. If you want to travel normally during the fall, business travel would be strong. They don't have that because so many people We are still working remotely. The leisure travel has now canceled. And they've got a lot of open seats, and they'll don't make deals. And now is that time and customers kind of get their pick now, for those who prefer to fly, maybe with a vaccinated crew how our airlines approaching vaccine mandates? Yes. So the interesting thing is in the last 24 hours United laying out what it's going to do. It was one of the few major airlines to say that all employees have to be vaccinated. And they sent a letter to their employees, saying those who have been approved for religious exemptions and aren't getting vaccinated. They're not going to be working. They're going to go on unpaid leave, and if they have a medical exemption, they're going to go on medical leave beginning October, 2nd. But they won't be working and many won't be paid with that either, depending on their contract and what union there in, But the bottom line. They're saying, if you have been denied an exemption as a united employee for those who don't want to get vaccinated if they deny you and then you don't get vaccinated within five weeks. You will be terminated that that you will be fired from the company. ABC s Alex Stone with us and common news, Alex. Thank you. And that's Cuomo's Taylor Van Site. Come on his time is 5 50 time now for our propel insurance money update. Here's Rob Smith from Seattle Business magazine. Tacoma's apartment market is heating up as developers flocked to the city, anticipating more development and population growth. At least 900 units are slated to open within the next year or so around the brewery district near the $300 million Tacoma Town Centre Development. The average Washington household has more than $8200 in credit card debt, the 13th highest in the country. A study by Finance website Wallet Hub says that's $379 more than in the first quarter of this year, The Dow fell for the fourth straight day, losing 151 points to close at 8 34,079. NASDAQ Lost 38, the S and P 500 fell almost 21. This is Rob Smith with Seattle Business magazine for Cuomo News. Money news at 20 and 50 past the hour and still ahead. So what sort of privacy protection do you really get from browsers incognito mode. I'm Herb weisbaum, and it's a lot less than some people assume. Every day. I wake up at five to give Dad his medicine.

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