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North Carolina. Dear. Your host Mike Bagley. Hello everybody. Welcome to another edition of Nascar live here on the motor racing network Mike Bagley in the entire crew here with you for yet another weekly get together a get together. That begins at seven P eastern time on Tuesday night October twenty seventh without an adjudication to the cup race at Texas that race has been in a rain delay ever since Sunday late afternoon early evening when that chequered flag flies be sure to step over to million dot com you'll get a full field rundown and you'll get clarified playoff picture as we head into Martinsville this coming weekend coming up on the show today we're GonNa chat with Sheldon Creed. He locked himself in to the championship for for the Nascar Gander RV outdoors truck series by his win this past weekend at. Texas Motor speedway Sheldon is GonNa stop by chat about that and chat about getting ready to raise for a championship chase briscoe. He's on the move as well. He's locked into the championship for Phoenix, the NASCAR xfinity series, but he's also on the move that Phoenix race will be his last in the xfinity series. He's going to replace Clinton Boyer in the number fourteen car at Stewart Haas racing, we'll chat with him as well. Haley Degan recently announced that she's moving into the truck series. We'll talk with her about this giant step in her career plus we'll preview the big elimination. Races coming up at Martinsville this weekend and a whole lot more. We are locked and loaded and ready to go, and we are so glad that you have joined us on this week's edition of Nascar live. The NASCAR season is in its final lap. But are you ready to follow Denny Hamlin Martin true ex junior kyle busch in the Toyota racing family to the championship. Have you mowed your lawn into a checkered flag is your video conferencing background the Phoenix Raceway Infield, have you petitioned for your street to be renamed Victory Lane if you've answered? Yes. Then you're ready for an. Ethic finish to a season like no other follow all the championship action at Toyota Racing Dot Com. TOYOTA NASCAR is a registered trademark of the National Association..

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