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Thousand dollars to join a podcasting community i mean that makes them feel like well i think i may be did make the right decision because john really does care about me kate really does care about me like they have my back so how are you creating these custom scenarios to really make people that are coming into your world feel like they wanna be in your world so that app is bon juoro b o n j o r o and i'm i'm just having a heck of a time with an a lot of fun rob let's dive into your question right now so i called you up you said you have a question and let's fire it off well john the true this i joined podcasters paradise because i knew i was gonna get into a contest so i said well what can i that's that's the way i got into your community and certainly that that thing that you mentioned the personalization is is something that is fantastic and i think it would phenomenally so that's that's the first thing that i want to thank you for for that community is it's amazing i mean like i don't like fifty percent of the things that i've done for sure are directly almost hami pays the from podcasters paradise so i want to thank you for that and my question i actually wanted to have it very related to the podcast because you're you're like the biggest figure that at least that i've seen in the pot destig world and i love what you do end to community that you create so precisely regarding podcasts i know you always talk about saying well here's your avatar that's that's the person that that you're going to targets created specifically for your avatar however i have to say in this small confession era i do feel that my audience even though it's been rolling consists i i am not sure i'm getting the levels of engagement that i have an email list i write emails i respond to every single person rights to me so i tried to engage personally with every person so that they you know they feel that they're within that community but i'm not getting a like for example the day i created a survey together seat back from people something very specific i was creating and i i was i was not very happy about the results so i would like to know if there is if you have a recommendation not only for increasing your audience or what would you say is very very important away for engaging with the audience how how do you get those those results people actually engaging back with you i mean not only being willing to date with him but they actually get into an antique action and engage with with a host and for example because i also heard you talking about precisely understanding deeper your audience and making surveys and maybe talking even at one on once in that says you direction i'm gonna go rob because that's it's something that i've seen to the level that is just such a game changer because it always does start with one so let me ask you a question like when somebody send you an email or replies one of your broadcast he mows that you send out you said you always respond to them via email personally like that's awesome and that's a step you definitely want to do and if anybody was ever to reach out to you on facebook or instagram or any social media platform and just mentioned anyway shape or form like think for the show or that you like to show i'm sure that you replied to them as well below me ask you how many of those people that you said have responded back to either your l put or reach out to you just to say thank you how many of those people have responded with can we jump on one on one call have you asked anybody that question that is so key for so many reasons like i can just tell you the number of absolute gold like a ha moments that i received from doing this back when i launched entrepreneurs on fire i would do this very often the first three months somebody would respond back to.

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