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Receive items themselves because i can just throw their in bags stored so like many toiletry items they have to be pretty small because the banks are only about like nine by twelve release mom they have like straps on them in a have appeal bucks on my website beverly couldn't dot com donating his fine to the ella mae foundation has its own pillbox so that's completely separate but mostly i think i'm okay now i have the shipping covered a half items covered i think mostly it's just getting the word out because i don't know that as many people know about the boat their project is could in i think that we could be sending more banks out to more people they just don't know it exists just spreading the word is something that's really important i will spread the word thank you you're the real deal pretty cute so what about legislation are there any bills that are coming down the pike that we should watch out for yes so emission before the domestic matches stalking victims actor twenty seventeen so that's actually only give out the numbers it senate bill one five three nine in house resolution to success in their identical they're just in both and eventually it is you know the bill amending the criminal code state bet the term intimate partner includes a dating partner if in also makes it a crime to sell or dispose of a firearm to someone who's been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of stocking i think that's really important to the second one is the house resolution one nine six three in the fair housing for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors twenty seventeen that was introduced by debbie wasserman there's been no movement in the house since may twenty seventeen on it so anais sure where it stands but that bill amends the fear housing act to prohibit discrimination against survivors of domestic violence in the sale or rental of housing which is really big deal because a lot of times domestic violence can be considered a nuisance in a lot of landlords will deny applications of survivors of victims because they think it's just gonna bring nuisance to the community and they can't do that because victims survivors need somewhere to live in so i think that bill is really important because it's the civically states you can't scriminate on the basis of someone surviving domestic violence or sexual assault and you can't not win to them because they experienced what's the one thing that you want people to know about domestic violence victims question and i hope this answer is in two said but i think it's important to know that domestic violence victim specifically experience lifelong trauma so if you know someone if you're an elation ships with some winer here a friend or family someone who has experienced violence their license forever change and learning how to speak to them you know be around them being community with them being a relationship with them can be really challenging at first but i think it's worth it i think you know we don't talk enough about how trauma rewires the brain you know for for me specifically having experienced missing while having been in that relationship everything is different for me now before i was one person on the different person i don't fight i flight you know i will react to all kinds of situations that my brain will read as dangerous even if it's not dangerous so for me in relationships students the there's emotionally high situation i will withdraw that's just what happens i dry since danger in so it can be really difficult for people you know who date me or people that i just know in general if someone makes a really sudden around me i will flinch because i don't know what that move i don't know what comes after i just don't know i mean i think it's important to remember that about people who've experienced mystic violence their lives have been forever changed that they've experienced trauma of very violent situation that is unlike really any other situations so we should as people who loved them as people care about them really handle them with care in really let them lead the way in in intensity in speed of whatever relationship dynamic we have whether it's romantic whether it's friendship with her family and i think that's really important to know i just wanted to say that actually reminded me when you said on the panel i'd forgotten that you said that and you know i have people in my life you know.

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