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I'm your host Rick wolf. We're talking about the curious case of Libya, mole tree thirteen year old soccer star who just basically turned pro, citing a pro contract with Nike, and she's obviously very eager to pursue. Her soccer career is at a very young age. I'm asking whether or not as a sports parent that makes sense to you because in effect, she's now walking away from. Any any playing in high school, or in college factory turn down a full scholarship apparently from Anson Dorrance, the legendary coach at the university of North Carolina. In fact, I am I couple of things I want to bring to your attention because it was a big piece an excellent piece in Sports Illustrated about this situation with Olympia, first of all her dead was quoted as saying, quote, I tell her meeting, Libya all the time. Nobody cares that. You're the best at twelve if you're not the best at seventeen or eighteen nobody's going to care. Well, that's sort of true. And I think I don't think that the father is, is using that I guess, he's that some sort of motivational tool to inspire her to keep playing hard to keep developing her skills, but, you know, why would you not litter keep playing through club and travel and other developmental programs so that she could be terrific at age seventeen or eighteen go on to the college scholarship UNC and then if she's really still? Superstar then go onto to play pro at that age as opposed to try to bypass this and celebrate her her career as a of already said this morning. She's given up. All those those, those fun years playing with a team, her friends, her age, and so on so forth. The article also went on to say that in February of this year, a Livia gave up her tar heel scholarship and college eligibility. She signed a deal with Wasserman media group soon became the youngest female team athletes, signed by Nike, according to sources with knowledge of that arrangement. That's incentive Laden, that's important. Keep in mind, a multi year contract that includes guaranteed money, upfront and could could earn Olivia millions of dollars. Now, Nike, of course, declined to comment as to how much, but the keys here, the keywords to me at least our incentive Laden, meaning, she has to earn this money issue gets older, and could earn her millions but she doesn't probably get millions. Now, we do have to assume that. Three hundred thousand is probably guaranteed because it passes, what UNC's Anson Dorrance is test. A says quote, I tell my girls that have to give up a scholarship, which is worth about three hundred thousand dollars to go to you, and see, they need to have an option that is worth more than that. So keep that all mine. You know this is curious. And again on my question to you is, this is a good thing to do. Is this going to be something that just an outlier or is this going to be something of a precedent setting situation for other other young athletes in this country? Let's go to Mary at Long Island. Mary. Good morning. You're next up on the fan. I'm sorry. You're the greatest show. You really do. I don't read Sports Illustrated. So I didn't know about this story on you brought it to my attention. For the first time. In my opinion, this doesn't Ford or on child abuse child abuse, all the decisions of the parents under the guy that she a child wants to do this. And the thing that you said she doesn't have a traditional young athletes to life. I quite this to these young children who are on sitcoms, or in movies. And look how their life turned out later on. That's interesting analogy to childhood media TV stars. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. And I just think right now she's a little girl. I mean how old is she? She's a child. Yeah. Parents are controlling her life. It really does marry a nobody has used the term. At least I haven't seen it in the research. I've done to call it child abuse, because on the outside superficially. Suddenly seems like oh, this is wonderful. This is a girl who obviously is a prodigy. She's on her way to fame and fortune. And maybe that's true. Maybe she will blossom into the world's greatest female soccer player. We don't know that. But right now, look at the facts is sort of say, well, you know, this is sort of like with a kid who's thirteen and wants to be a just spend every day in a candy store, quite frankly. Sure. That sounds great. But is that really the right thing to have a kid just eat candy all day? She's gonna play soccer all day. And I just did something doesn't something sounds a little off here Marian. I, I hear you loud and clear. Thank, thank you for your comments about the show. Thank you. Mary. Let's move on. Let's go to. Let's go to the gym out in Huntington, Jim good morning. You're on the fan. Yes. Jim you too. Yeah. I personally don't have a problem with this because. Whether it's sports or music, they're all exploited. You can take the players Tiger Woods anyone you want that rarity. White argument is children today in sports, are not be treated as athletes, there'd be treated as status symbols. No different than when my parents got a car back in the sixties. And everybody said, oh my God. We are. Yep. That's what kids are today and,.

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