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In Montgomery County to four and that means there are now six likely cases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania officials individuals in the two newest cases have mild symptoms and are isolated in their homes but worldwide the highest run a virus staff told us outside of China is in Italy and that countries impose mass porn teens on millions of people in the northern part of that nation including in Venice and Milan Mister mobility Francisco levering his Sunday blessing via video audio link up today the Vatican trying to discourage large crowds from gathering in St Peter's square to lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus the poll voicing support for the victims he also appeared in a window waved and appeared to say a short blessing Italy has declared a national emergency a virtual lock down on the north this is a big escalation of the measures being taken to try and stop this virus and people here I think it just very uncertain we getting these reports of the viruses probably been in the city for a number of weeks before they would report to the B. C. correspondent Bethany bell EQT merger hello yeah Dennis Palmer mud in the have all been up effected by these measures people have been told that they shouldn't move in and out unnecessarily very essential for emergency reasons for them to decide essential what creases the lockdown in effect at least until April third off the California coast a cruise ship grand princess steaming toward the port of Oakland California expected to dock there tomorrow where thousands of passengers and crew will disembark some have tested positive for the virus some people will get treatment others will be tested and perhaps quarantine going on CBS news police say a person's turn themselves in following a shooting that injured a four year old boy last night in Philadelphia your cable W. Charlotte Reese a four year old boy is now in stable condition after he was shot in the hip the officers arrived swiftly alertly located the male transported him to Einstein hospital Philadelphia police captain Nicholas to blast says the incident happened shortly before eight Saturday night when a man in his twenties started playing with the children at the party on north fourth street for some unknown.

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