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Mm hmm. Sometimes I feel I've got to run away guns. Get away from the pain you drive into love me the way you gotta know where. Andre, I loved my life boy. Tough, then turn against Lee. Bad night. Once. All right, run from me. You can e give you all a boy could get take my tainted love tainted. Now I know I've got to do run away. I've got to get away. You don't really want any more from me? Things right. You need someone to hold your time on. Do you think it's a prey? But sorry I dump parade way. Oh say that love is love. Please. I cannot stand the way I love you, though you admit so now I'm going to like my girl tainted love tainted love tainted love. Contained touch me, baby tainted meat baby tame. Sonny. One is 79. The greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties. It's bad Hearts. Nancy Wilson planning to release her very first solo studio album. This year, she's written a song that's a tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen. It's called for Edward and it was inspired by the incident that happened decades ago. When Hart Van Halen we're on tour together, we can expect to see the album in April..

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