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300 points Some D.C. home buyers are paying way over list I'm Jeff cable It's one 18 Traffic and weather on the age let's head to Rita Kessler in the traffic center Well on the beltway in Virginia the chucker convoy is quickly making its way toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge Now you're going to be below speed but not solid coming from the merge with the two 70 spur across the American legion bridge toward the toll road the delay through Tyson's is a bit more solid but more so because of the work on the ramp to westbound 66 that is a single lane getting by on the ramp Once you get past there you're below speed headed into annandale China head toward product road that should be the beginning of the convoys they continue to head toward the bridge and into Maryland In Maryland on north on northbound route 5 delays are out of brandywine headed toward birch hill and earnshaw This is going to be the work taking a lane You'll also find southbound two ten before old fort road south O work zone taking a lane causing the backup East by 70 near the mount fellow pro overpass the crash was off the road to the left with the lanes open in the district in his north band D.C. two 95 delays off the 11th street bridge headed toward benning road This was a report of a crash Southbound closed before Ben roe passes capital street possibly more of a rubber necking delay At Whole Foods market get three 16 ounce strawberries for $10 through March 15th Plus an extra 10% off for prime members while supplies last promo varies by location see app for details I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Now the forecast from storm team fours Michelle Grossman Enjoy this afternoon and enjoy tomorrow too because we will be quiet nice days before we have some snow moving in on Saturday This afternoon partly to mostly cloudy skies seasonally cool highs low.

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