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Kyle riley situation. We did see the show. You've seen it am. I wrong usually have nothing to add. You've seen it but go ahead. No i got plenty. That i could show you all right. Do it right now. Then you said. The cameron grimes. You dared. Say this on monday. If i if i made it through that show in heard it correctly you dave. Monday usually don't hear correctly but go ahead. Oh sure it was cameron. Grimes was How do i edit this radio unethical. You dare yeah. Hey that a character. Under contract to tighten sports is unethical. Bowl are you going to say that. Yes you wonder why. Okay i'm gonna tell you yeah it depends on your definition of on f up. Okay if you believe that that. There is a way to make cameron. Grimes maybe money. Drying character is wrong term. Uri no money being made in. Wwe except for television deals. They're certainly not selling tickets. But if you're talking about like is he going to be a serious character. That could be made event character. Yeah obviously they can screw that up. Okay obviously but as far as a character were every time he's on tv. It's like a home run. You as a fan are entertained. Your entertained by the story line. You're entertained by cameron. Grimes you look forward to the segments. He kept he screwed up. Because there's literally two ways that this can go either remains the character that he is right now which is madly entertaining or a throwing money around and these rich and he's crazy or he does something really dumb. He loses all of his money and then he's really upset about it. Either one of these would be entertaining and like there's no middle ground. He's either rich or he spends all of his money in these poor so from net perspective. There's no way that they can go with the story line. They will not be entertaining now. Is he going to be an x t champion. No probably not is he. Probably at some point can have to feud with the creep again. Yeah probably but as far as like entertaining me no matter which way they go. It's.

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