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I would. On. On covered for this and several additional WIFI to. Mr Gore did not really understand his business partner one of these guys. Just amazing like you. You look at them, you go. Go through the entirety of life, not really enjoying anything that has not been connected directly to bunny, yes. It's. It's amazing, but yeah here here. We are I mean the the. The nightmare is the the bottom line of this is that there are people who think that this is right now is a good thing and I I mean. These are the descendants of the people who win the arbitrator sort of legally gained to them in one thousand, nine hundred, and said Hey, by the way, the whole reserve clause saying that you've built your millions onto the last ninety years since the eighteen ninety tobacco when you instituted the thing by the way I'm about the rules that's illegal and all players the right to get the services go to the highest bidder, so maybe you WanNa. Give me get a week or two. Maybe you can cut a deal with them about this. What No, you're fired! We're doing. And they lost, and as I said on sportscenter the other day. This is why instead of paying. Hank Aaron a record, two hundred and forty thousand dollars a season. They're. They're paying Mike. Trout four hundred thirty million dollars a year because they're genius businessman to on top of everything else. And, the other thing is. There's no particular reason to believe that the title commissioner. Should apply in baseball should be used in baseball. Because it's just you know owners chairman, it should be chairman rather than commissioner. He used to be a connotation that there were some things that were done on this for half of the fans, or on behalf of the players or anybody else connected with the game that was several previous commissioners. Did that happy? Chandler stood up gration when a lot of the owners did wanted There are many many others who have done obviously last year things. This is not a commissioner, even in the sense, that Adam Silver Commission and You know if you're you're. Manfred is the Gary Bettman also went to Cornell Law. Manfred literally isn't is not even the best cornell. Commissioner in Sports. One point. Keith, you are! The best thank you. This one is as as well, and it was enjoyable as I. I had hoped that I've I knew it would be and it's great to connect with you more. No, Keith, you truly truly. This was This was all it was all great and right now there's a photograph of that Our production staffs putting up instead of the roll of eighteen ninety baseball that we were, we didn't have ready until. After this by the way, is that really four years ago today that we met in in in that office in Santa Monica, wow. I didn't know that happy anniversary. What they'll one you and I met. You're taking a meeting I was taking a meeting in the same spot. We allow be in Santa Monica. Yuppie for. Better than mine. I think that was that might have been in the next. The Netflix's one. Went and I'm still sitting. You're still. I went I went to the Netflix's baby must hear this. You busted both admit it to this. One said. How would you like to do news commentaries? We can try to build them out, and then you could have news in addition to networks, and they asked to critical questions which would be. What about the the Italian subtitles? They wanted to know I. Mean wouldn't the Italian subtitles caused a delay in the topicality of the news commentary? And I said. Why do you have to have? And what are we? Put them on all watch the way they have to have the money English, speaking political commentary well because we have to and the other one was what would happen if your a daily commentary did not. Upload one day. And I thought my God. What are you using Dell Laptop? Ninety nine. You have the..

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