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Visit your time to get it off your chest whether you're mad or blessed eight hundred five eight five zero five one. We want to hear from you on the breakfast club. Hello who's this whole doing. Are you doing just calling. In the days of the united states birthday i propose to. I just wanted show some love breakfast club this morning. Okay was that. Was that sensitive emotional cancers name that you just got engaged to mission equal much. You guys right here. Let me speak listening to cancer. Brethren happy birthday. Thank tell you right now. Okay okay all right all right. How how how much nico cry on saturday when you propose to her. I know she's sensitive emotional cancer like me so unless you let them tears of joy flow flow. The moment was so special. We actually both crab brother all right. I'll beautiful well your fa- love your queen. Don't don't don't don't you know. Say things like ride together. Die together bad marriage for life with your queen approach. You like that okay. Batman on cheap day you go all right you too now. Hello who's this you know ambulance anyway. charlotte everyday. I mean you charlene. Eater solid a. I'm here man. Everytime i'll call lot i've never taught the She's never taught me. But i wanna talk about money bagyo. He bought his lady to the yours. Lambeau try and baby mama here chirping and all understand that 'cause i guess supposedly she's the one who left him but you'll very calm and whoop whoop and i don't like the baby moment title Well i would say that. That's that's a little too tied into this Y- baby i i. I really don't know the story. But i can't see him having a problem if he has a new girlfriend. He's not what is baby mom and he wanted to buy his new girlfriend something. I don't see a problem with that. Yeah all the baby And i'm if i'm money-back yo you know what i'm saying about my about my girl who i'm with the lambeau truck and you know i buy my baby mama a nice little honda cr v. You know what i'm saying. Highlander subaru forester. Those are nice. Suv's for baby mama. And i'm upset. I call a while back pilots who on a month ago. And i asked you charlotte for book and you said the book out. There haven't gotten her book. It's been like a month. You know why this is my fault. I'm not in the studio and all the books are at studio. I believe so. I don't have somebody up there to mail them out. So what. I'm hoping is that you know when we get back into studio which i pray than the next few weeks Could just start sending them out to everybody. But what i can't do right now with. I can send you a copy of the unapologetic guide to black mental health by dr rita walker. Which i think is an amazing book you know. My book shook on is about mental health and my personal struggles with with anxiety and depression. But her book. She's actual doctors so she's an actual expert. I'm an advocate telling people my experiences and inspiring you to go talk to the experts like dr rita. Let me just send you the book on the experts. If you leave your address right now. I will have that shipped out to date. Will and kajol idea. Jabari ground Let me let me consult money-back yo and see what he would do. You stupid all right. Man have a good. Hello who's this. Hello hello morocco. Oh shoot home as a very original name. I've never heard that before me calling from going from angola africa africa all right africa all right. The motherland was happening test more morning. Good morning the gods who sub king long distance. I might spend a hundred dollars estimate. This call just wanted to say that this is the show is amazing Being able job. And i looked at able but and i know we live. I just called okay from the doing and it out. All what time is it in africa right now in angola. What time is it sixteen ohka. Pm am am okay. All right good to talk to you. Brother get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one five one. If you need to vent you can hit us up right now. Is the breakfast club. Gounon the breakfast club wanting everybody is tj. Show me the guy. We all the breakfast club. You got a special guest a. Everything's all good man first of all how jeremiah door. We broke the news. The djerma was in. Icu a kobe. How's he doing it a little better. Now as a society like x and his cat he was his kid and not not responsive at one point. And that's when. I called and told me what was going on. And that's why i said right away but i know so people who passed away from colon but there other existing illnesses right just really enhanced is joint. Knock more and i'm like i hate to see that happened like it'd be. It would have took it to our coach musically outside the gods ready gaza he had asthma bad ass. Jeremiah had no previous condition now. This started they thought it was a few different things before out. It was co begin. Adam and they put the thing in his throat light. Excuse me is like real wood. They go because i think we all experienced version of. I'm so cold symptoms. That made you feel. It won't let me say it was very beginning. I do that. Like i said like i got a fever and then later has so many kobes. After is you have to go to these classes to be in the bubble on television shows that was like rapid testing orleans. Are i feel bad about that. I didn't take snakes as the ugly antibody. Now back whenever starting at the very beginning because i did villa guys do of what now golic like. What mahyco you go through all of this girl. yes he doesn't live. Shootouts are on liberty in particular batch of health Like i know more more reasons than the average person does part of visits to see the case it has. It wasn't got his own begging. She you see you making fun of buffalo goodyear down probably part of the reason that gives them boys it by like thirty five dollars that look ten miles i. I came back looking at the bike. Hardest day in shape you. Hey i don't travel. The actual run super super diverse. I'm not gonna ease into it. Needs to be like you like. What is this aback dealings. Now i no. We're not doing that. We know i thought about you this weekend man because i was looking at Looking at gnc and gucci gesia gucci can put their differences aside after all. They had their hope for you and john. Am i correct. No.

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