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No from the UBS WBZ newsroom this is WBZ news eighty three degrees I'm Jay writes a grand jury in Pennsylvania says the Catholic church needs to answer for protecting. Abusers instead of victims during decades of abuse the report by straight grand. Jury, says hundreds of predator priests will not answer for their crimes because the Vatican. Muse the state of statute of. Limitations in discouraged victims of reporting abuse only two of more than three hundred accused priests have been, charged the. White House is defending President Trump's harsh tweets against Omarosa manigault Newman? Unfortunately the individuals in this room continue to create a large Platform for. Somebody they know not to have a lot of credibility for someone day frankly refused to give a, platform, to when they, worked here at the White House secretary Sarah Sanders says Trump's tweets reflect his frustration at a. Rally Gatien's and complete lack of integrity on Twitter today, Trump said, when, you, give, a, crazed crying. Low-life a break and give her a. Job at the White House I guess, you'd just doesn't work out New Bedford. Police detectives used a warrant to, enter an apartment on a cushion of. Last night and report finding a heroin delivery service, that was being operated from that apartment inside police say they found over fifty grams of heroin along with packaging materials. Digital scales and cash arrested. Was eldeen Cologne who lives at that apartment Cologne is charged with trafficking heroin to women have been arrested in New Bedford on drug charges after officers saw suspicious activity in the parking lot of. The CBS on Kempton street narcotics detectives arrested forty seven year old Rebecca. Grace, on charges of possession of oxycodone with tend to distribute Say grace is also currently out. On bail for domestic charge also arrested was twenty nine year old, Victoria, Peterson of Fall River she's charged with possession of oxycodone please say Peterson also. Has. An outstanding warrant, the city, of New Bedford has been informed by the state health department that the West Nile, virus has, been detected in a mosquito sample, found in the city the mayor's office say the sample was found. In the area of oak grove cemetery on Parker. Street Bristol County will conduct ground spring and that area early in the morning hours of Thursday in the cemetery as well as New Bedford city parks WBZ news. Time is five, thirty three the Red Sox make the final stop of their three city road trip tonight in Philadelphia I pitch 705 the pre-game show on WB SM begins at six twenty forecast for tonight a few showers closer to the coast. Little higher chance temperatures around seventy tomorrow partly sunny skies it's a little less humid but still pretty, warm, temperatures well into, the eighties and on Thursday mostly sunny skies and still very warm Maybe a little less humid but high temperatures will be right. Near ninety degrees from the weather center chief meteorologist Jeff and new Bedford's news talk station. Fourteen twenty WB s out it's eighty three degrees in Bedford.

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