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Just before his disappearance. News Asians Felisha Bolton joins us from the newsroom with more Felicia Good evening. Good evening. It's now been more than a month since Jason Landry disappeared. Investigators hope this new information will lead them to the Texas State University student. 21 year old Jason Landry went missing on his way to Missouri City, Texas. Investigators say he left his apartment in San Marcos, Texas, just before 11 P.m. on December 13th. Caldwell County Sheriff's Office has now released a timeline of his last known whereabouts. Based on his cell phone data at 11 05. Landry drove his car south on highway 80 and passes under Interstate 35 send Marcus. Two minutes later he enters Caldwell County. At 11 11 data shows Landry passing through Martin Dale still driving on Highway 80 at 11 15. He passes over State highway 1 30. Then at 11 17. He travels through interests and two minutes later interest prayer. Really less than five minutes later, he drove through starting Investigators say at 11 24 the last data from Landry cell phone shows he was going through the intersection of Highway 80 and Magnolia Avenue and lonely. Here's a look at the intersection from Google Maps. After this, Landry stops using the ways app and opens up Snapchat. It's believed he continued through the intersection still driving on highway 80, investigators say About an hour later, Landry's car was found totaled his wallet, phone and some belongings were inside. But the 21 year old was nowhere to be found. Investigators say they also found some clothes with blood on it. They believe he was wearing them before the crash. There were no signs the clothes were forcibly removed. The shares office said the Landry's family and his ex girlfriend have been cooperative and helpful in this investigation. As of.

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