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Today we'll ask him tomorrow. Remind me to ask me tomorrow. people love hamburglar. No burger set the whole up. I can't remember the class a lot to talk to mattioli. He's got a credible member for things. Like this okay. Great tweet thoroughly fun video. Incredible uniforms andrew. Thank you once again for filling in at the last minute For jd appreciate it as always. I'm sure we'll see tomorrow. Jd's lying by the way the bullshit with this is about a three week vacation. you watch. you'll be back tomorrow so we won't even say goodbye to a nudo dogs tomorrow though of course to discuss the latest in mba. Free agency You know rumors and possible moves reported moves will also discuss. I'm sure spain usa and some of these games from the olympics. maybe we'll answer An email or two so sentiment no dunks at the athletic dot com to get all your nba end non mba questions in smash that like button. Leave your comments blow video and if you haven't already please subscribed to know dunks on youtube. Thanks so much for joining us. Today clipper bros. You heard it here. I have a great time. Turn-up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us and remember apparently bowmanville ontario. Canada is very nice this time of year embrace the day. People be immigrant..

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