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Com. She is a remembrance oracle and intuitive all With the gifts of lineage psychic abilities passed down from generations that include all the clair's all the players and premonition medium. Ship an automatic writing and. She's just incredible. She also speaks Just to that passing down of gifts and from her ancestry which includes cherokee blackfoot indigenous peoples from the caribbean afro american. And so it was just really fascinating to kind of pull the the magic from each one of Her pieces of ancestry was really really fascinating. Yeah she's amazing she's a girl mount heart. She's in ohio to ohio girls forever So we have sacred relationships. We talk a little bit about galactic beings. Her seeing aliens her connection to how she works with aliens her experience with them. We had to of course talk about the galactic in here. We talked in detail about our experiences. So i had a love and relationships terro session with ray and lindsay had a shamanic healing session so we went into detail about what those were like what we saw our experience and just sort of broke it down a little bit further for you guys. If you're ever interested in those or just wanted to get a little bt of what's going on with us personally yeah it was recommending to My sacred being single group. Her work for just kind of continued support as well as that Sacred relationships medium article. I just thought that was so beautiful for kind of true thinking about relationship where you're interrelationship. So thank you ray levy so much appreciate you and again you can learn more about ray. And her work at sue. Purnell sacred space dot com. Follow her on twitter at black soul. Theory beal k. so l. theory and she's also an instagram laxly theory. So this thank you so much ray. So beautiful and then everything for almost thirty. Almost thirty dot com show notes partners more photos information about us courses and programs podcast pro all it. Almost thirty dot com. You can watch on youtube almost thirty podcast on youtube and we would love if you would kindly writer review. Reviews are just really nice ways to cheer us up you know they support the work and it means so much that you guys listen and support the show. We love you so much and we'll see you on the other side season. We're.

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