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Osho crying tells me something about your relationship and that that's scaring that scare me so the two of you need to work on that i i'm gonna send you to marriage counseling i is what i'm gonna do and when you get back from that if you wanna go through financial peace university kelly kelly's going to pick up she'll get your contact information you can contact her at that point and then i will be happy to pay for you to go through financial peace university but i don't want you going to financial versity by yourself because you're gonna end up divorced in this guy if you do and that's i don't wanna 'cause that that's not that's not where i wanna go because you're going to start having real firm knowledge based opinions and and he's not gonna play that for that this has got he's got to be in on the idea that you guys have to have a unified front on where you're going with this it's the only way it's going to work for you so you need to sit down with your pastor and start working on some of these relationship issues where he's as a good husband he should be a whole lot more concerned about how scared you are the niyaz and willing to do something about it if there was something i could do for sharon and she was the scared hundred percent of time i'm going to do it and and you know you truthful you've got a right to be afraid because this is a pretty sizable mess and doing nothing about it is not going to bring you to a good place so i'm so sorry you're facing this but hold on kelly pickup she'll take your information than if you guys come back from marriage counseling and you wanna go to fpu we will pay for it i do not want you going by yourself though that would be unhealthy thing for you guys right now hope that helps you and he's not on board with the dave stuff i heard that part loud and clear so that's fine that's fine it doesn't bother me but it's just where you guys are.

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