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Caught offside with Andrew gumming, and JJ. Davani. Oh, we from the west side of Manhattan, Andrew gun. Ling JJ, vani hair, the US women's national team have made it to the semi final of the women's World Cup, twenty nineteen Andrew is on the line, common Sava. What's up brother asked you how you are? And you're just such an own culture, dolt that you weren't able to respond Andrew comments means. How are you? I am well began Grassi us be too. I am. I'm over the moon with this victory. It was the tense victory. I predicted I said it will be to one that's how it turned out. And here we are with the US in the semifinal of the World Cup with a very interesting macho to calm on Tuesday against England and this was this this game was in terms of the battle for supremacy between the two favorites, the US came out widely on top in my view. If not on the interns of the score. She yeah. By the way, we'll get to the game in a sec, but I do wanna at least say, why I'm in a car like I feel weird not even addressing that. Well, no, you, you shouldn't because it's one of your usual seventy five vacations I do for here. What about the four months that you spend in Ireland, but it's not even true. True. I mean, well, then neither is what you're also I never call from a car. I'm always out my seat in my house ready to go. So expand yourself, I'm sorry. I'm doing this for you. I was more than happy to get to my destination. And then record animal. Yeah. You and you would be happily have ruined my Friday night. I mean, it's I'm in God knows what time I'm going to get out of here anyways but apart from the bickering. Tell us where you're going. So I was at a work related event for the entire day today in point pleasant New Jersey point pleasant beach, New Jersey and it was super fun. And it was really cool now with that my issues are two full for one. I didn't I feel like such a don't saying this, but, like I didn't really see much of the game because it was not on where I was I was at a bar and it was on. But I was working and not in a position to see TV screen, but I can't tell you this. I don't mean to make us about like, oh, we'll soccer ever be famous in this country. I you know, I. Hate that conversation. I think it's tired and boring. And like I believe that it has arrived in this country, just in a form that mainstream sports fans are necessarily accustomed to. But I will say that at a like a typical classic jersey shore bar. Do had a quarter final of the women's World Cup on not the final semifinal, but a quarterfinal and I'm telling you, the place was going crazy with each school like I didn't have the TV in front of me. But I knew exactly when something happened because you could just hear roar go up from inside the bar where everybody was watching, you heard USA chance. It was like I hate that I didn't really get to see it. I feel like I missed a major soccer Molin today, but the atmosphere was still a cool thing to be a part of just to see like this place. So United in watching this game, it was fun. It was still fun. And I am still excited to try and speak about it intelligently. Well, I think what's interesting. And you on it, there was not from the group stage these these two teams. Are on a collision course and this game was was. I mean it was everywhere. It was billed so highly and the fact that was in the pack Prins, they I guess the Spurs, who home of French soccer..

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