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Twenty two hundred twenty two. Owes a w twenty two exclamation points. Goes. I and then he wrote back ex freaking exhausted. Takes a lot out of you. Yeah. And that was that was the longest one Ryan intense from beginning to end, right. So now, there's been a very public battle over this. Is that correct? Yes. So there's some back and forth, especially one Twitter user in particular going after saying that channel seven is better with their skycam. Now and Stu fires back. Hey, hey, hey, anyone can buy tech didn't lose it. Even with the fantasy map it. Oh, what did the crash look like how about the suspect? Take down. Oh, oh, that's right. You just know the street name talent versus tech. The battle continues laughing crying emoji. The Twitter users says I'll let Mark Brown respond juvenile. Great great. That really is sensational. Yeah. So we're we're friends with with everybody. All right. So I will ask though, I'm I'm trying to find that video that we talked about during the break. And I'm thinking about just reaching out to Mark Brown and seeing if he can send it our way. Okay. Martin they've got some raw raw footage of it. Mark Brown last night on channel seven news. At the end of the broadcast was laughing his ass off at something. Michelle choosy said, right? Yes. I'm gonna play it for you here, and it went on longer than they have the video up on their website. I have it at home because I I I record all three or four eleven o'clock newscasts for the show. I just I watch all of them you geek out. I zip through the commercials because they're all recorded so watch to I'll watch four watch five watched eleven mall nine enjoy them. All so this is the end of the broadcast last night on channel seven I a BBC channel seven Mark Brown. And I believe it was Michelle Tuesday. Right. Yes. Okay. All right, everybody say Hello to knickers. This humongous bowl. Steam, making news around the world, and you guessed it because of his enormous size. The Australian Australian rancher who raised knickers said he was having a hard time selling the big steer because beef processors said knickers was too big to fit through the modern meat processing. Rogers says knickers will live out his life on the farm, just south of Perth Australia. We're all the other cows look up to I'm told, you know, by Dallas Kirk that cow tipping is a thing. And that is not likely to happen to this. Now tipping knickers that is not going to happen. And then he lost it. He fell off his chair when she said that at the end, and then it went on for a while. And he and he was he couldn't get it together. He couldn't hold it together. It was it was great. And that is not likely to happen to this. Now tipping knickers that is not going.

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