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Coronavirus response is a project hope dot org sponsored by project hope it's three forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks on the capital beltway in Maryland the crash on the I don't oppose your Ritchie Marlboro road is on the left shoulder last report you can find a left shoulder in fact in the delays are easing out rapidly on the make every kind county site on the internet to the beltway just across the American Legion bridge report of a slowdown currently no incidents to report to block there watching your speed as you cross the American Legion bridge out of Virginia and into Maryland on the other side of the valley the other big bridge into the belly local lanes on the Woodrow Wilson bridge report of a minor fender Bender we should be able to get by under police direction at least and that may be causing a brief delay from what we're told can see directly in the cameras there elsewhere Maryland Silver Spring the water main work was on Wayne Avenue between Sligo creek parkway in Dale Dr follow the road crew direction Virginia sixty six eastbound still working Washington Boulevard the left lane was all that was squeezing by with a brief delay in Loudon county they tell us route seven's been reopened westbound your countryside Boulevard you're able to get through there but to clear all the units off of countryside Boulevard itself that's all near the Dulles town center every Kelly reminder the Hampton road was still closed at last report was about one twenty three because of a crash investigation your swift creek road under comfortable UTMB traffic and now your storm team four forty forecast with Matt Ritter is sandy a blustery unseasonably cold day for sure some of us are going to set some record cold high temperatures tonight.

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