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That lost 209 points. This was a big day for a Maryland company. I'm Jeff Gable. 5 18. Latest on the roadways now from Dave dildy. In the district outbound on 50 New York avenue, heavy and slow bladensburg road past the arboretum. At the report of a crash in this area, we definitely know there is a tow truck working on one that's damaged near the at Ocasio river, and that's blocking the right lane on New York, avenue at the D.C. Maryland line. D.C. two 95 northbound slow from the 11th street bridge into northeast before benning road, the medical response should be wrapping up on the right side. Jammed from 6 95 to three 95 toward Virginia from the southeast Southwest freeway, heavy and slow to get onto the 14th street bridge and get around the pair of vehicles that have been stopped in the left lane for quite a while. Three 95 south at the 14th street bridge. Got to stay right to get by coming out of D.C. into Virginia. Once you're in Virginia, normal congestion on three 95 and 95, old town, southbound, south Washington street, still blocked near church street because of a crash. You take route one, traffic will be heavy, but route one is an option. Coming off the Italy with the beltway through the Springfield interchange on the top of the flyover that leads south on 95, a highway help truck stop with a broken down tracked trailer truck and blocking the right lane on the ramp. Fairfax county Parkway, southbound beyond elite chapel road at last poor traffic was stopped at reservation drive, northbound traffic was slowly getting by the crash on fairfax county park. Weighed 66 eastbound near nutley street, helped truck with the crash blocking the left lane. The beltway in Maryland volume delays 32 eastbound year one 98 crash only one lane was getting by and river road remaining closed out in trivia near stony creek road for crash investigation. Gas prices are high so right Amtrak and travel without breaking your budget book in advance and save up to 50% at Amtrak dot com restrictions and exclusions apply. Dave dildine WTO trap Mike Snyder that storm team four Micah at this time yesterday you were knee deep into severe thunderstorm warnings and high winds today much nicer day. Yeah, yesterday was one of the most intense

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