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On the fives the wjr weather center singledigit low temperatures early next week it's a cold tone of the forecast through this weekend and into early next week after such recent mild weather for late november and early december kind of a change up your thirty two degrees are high saturday afternoon with a few flurries and snow showers low tomorrow night under twenty for the weather channel i'm scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr the mitch albom show talk seven sixty wjr and we're back on seventy six sixty wjr widely down to seven o'clock here or lease railroad liana mitchell's law fall raise rosy i like the name ray rosiana that liberals a country spranger consciously actually sounds like a marron aris autumn back x or first time on the grand old opry come on her up great role there well a lot of gone on as regan one thing going on is the lions in a six six battle the see where they are going what's going to happen is the season over border are just beginning davor can't repeat right is on who covers the lion greatly amas had pillow day but i can yet on first appropriate to the lines i gotta ask you a question for those who watch the atlanta new orleans game last night i guess norm coach came out sean payton saying thursday night kabbah's reason raudies injuries in thursday night football should be banished off the off the face of the earth do you think there's any chance that they will cut back on thursday night football we've all uh that's going to be tough to do i mean uh it makes a lot of money for the nfl and for these teams and uh.

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