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You agree that attorney general sessions made the right decision to recuse himself from the invest the russian investigation because his part of the camp thing i've i've novi i'd have to look through the facts of that nine as red press reports which i am not accurate so far as i understand the facts yes yes i so far as i understand the facts who is sensible yeah i think the terni general made the right call because it's going to be pretty difficult the attorney general investigate that the campaign of what you is intrical involved so this the start of all this process so once the attorney general steps aside uh you got the deputy attorney general we all agree that he could take his place and continue if he's not conflict it is that a s from everybody yes yes they only had a statement by the president and some actions by the president that unnerved the deputy attorney joe on a point a special council deal with that yes yes that's how we got here we got here because sessions said i can't do this i should do this rosenstein says i will do this in some things happen between president colmey where of rosenstein said what we need some new person a special council to look at this that's how we got here all agree with that if what we're trying to do is make sure we move forward and hold mr muller accountable but also give him a protection to do his job so do you all agree that the president himself cannot fire mr moeller actually i'm if you read even the op ed by our mutual friends neil cuts y'all i'm in the washington post to actually help a re write the regulations he says that's not altogether clear i am the is not clear that the regulations themselves actually apply to the present as opposed to merely figures in the department of justice has the inherent authority to far this guy he may very well claimed that and both professor cut y'all and i think that that's not settled either way a legal scholars including a kilo read amar from yale university testifying before the senate judiciary committee he ma there is this breaking story tonight from cnn news and cnncom i'll share portion of it with you quote.

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