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Last year wasn't as devastating as it could been very aware of the fact that it really was very very painful for a lot of people and hopeful that the economy comes roaring back in a way that makes people whole you know what i mean as as close as well as they can be made what. What do you want people to take away from. Just like you like. What do you feel like is kind of the moral of the aisha tyler story. Oh my gosh Saying shit see this. Is the part shift premise. Nail thing. i think two things. I always used to write in my books when i when my last book autograph i would just say be brave. That was there. I would tell everybody. Be brave because i feel like the moral of my own story has been like. It really doesn't matter what the outcome is. It just matters if tried. Yeah because we don't want to do is lie down one day be like shit. I wish i'd gone for whatever it was. I was meditating on. Yeah so. I just think be brave as you can be. Don't fear failure failures. Your friends that the real problem is that you never went for things that you care about the things that you have and then also be nice. People don't be a dick. Yeah those are my tomatoes. Be brave and don't be a dick. Yeah yeah those are good. Wouldn't simple berry berry based on t shirts. Yeah yeah. I wrote a whole book about failure and about how successful people have a high towns of failure. And that's why they're successful right because if failures crushes you. I mean you're gonna fucking bug off and do something else but if you fail it'd be like okay and that didn't go my way. Let me try that again right right. That's that's really the path for success. Yeah it's it's one of the weird things about like the thing that you and i do which is seemingly very insecure people. It can't take rejection. Get into a business. That's almost ninety five. Let's action echo. Do not like rejection. i do not i avoided. I probably like you know like in my life. There's been times when. I have not participated in the because i was afraid of the rejection of not being good at something or you know or not getting something that i and and the but then it's like we haven't i'm in this fucking i also feel like it's also weird too. I feel like. I'm kind of shy in a way you know like i don't want to go and talk to you. Know like go to a party and have a group of people around me laughing and slapping their knees at all my witticisms. But yet i but yet here i am in a job where everybody looks at me and you know i i don't it's it is weird. It's weird you now to the sort of cottam ease of doing this weird thing. We have very strangest job. Yeah we really do you. But god for it. Oh no kidding it's right. I yeah. I mean i'll bitch about it but i got a truly on some level i have no beefs about. Oh it's gyles that's fun it is it's fun that's the main thing is it's like because that's one of my things is like if you're not you know i had a i had a relative. My aunt passed away recently. And one of the things that i can. I kind of..

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