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A ceo dot com on the line with me. Live from fort smith arkansas. as kathleen jarvis. She is a very dear and devoted. Friend of the monastery of saint scholastica In fort smith arkansas. And a very dear friend and someone who cares very much about sister catherine marquis And because kathleen reached out in spiritual circles And hit on sister. Camille dairy enzo from the order of the sisters of mercy Who knows me well and asked you know somebody that can help me make a trip to ireland possible for sister catherine and i'd be accompanying her because she's about to turn eighty and I would go along to make sure everything was copacetic and sister kathleen Sister camille Contacted me that's not the first of quote use sister kathleen by the way. Kathleen you are. Not a member of your. I'm not good enough to be one. Oh that is so not true. But we'll move on for if nothing else you've certainly have learned humility And so I just got on the case and lifted altogether and as circumstances. how did Felt compelled to go over and make sure that the trump went perfectly especially when we suddenly wound up with a driver for the first three day days and the last night last day so It was a remarkable experience for me and my husband. But thank you so much for joining us today You know in the last hour. You heard me speaking with kathleen jarvis a bit but i really needed to hold her over. Because there's so much more to talk about so I'm really interested in knowing you know. I have a master's degree in education and social science and one of the things i learned in my education courses. There are a couple. The first rule of education is ventilation. Because if it's too warm in the room everybody you'll fall asleep. They won't learn anything and that goes for being hungry. Also you're hungry learn But the other is that education is. What's left when you forgotten everything you ever learned. And i'm wondering now that we are twelve af years after the trip to ireland. Can you summarize in one sentence what is left from that experience and then we'll go into the next segment and start really digging from that experience. Such a tough job. One-sentence sentence. I i would say we were privilege to experience good crew warm and sincerity of the irish people that that is. What is that is. What remains with me okay And not surprising. By the way we're gonna take a quick commercial break. We'll be right back. We're going to go traveling through the is it memory of kathleen jarvis around ireland. This weather report is brought to you by the curosity tourism board. The long range forecast for the north coast to coast costs for snow sleet icy rain. Slippery roads and a wind chill factor. Well below freezing the long range forecast for cure sow calls for warm and sunny today. Warm and sunny tomorrow next month and the months that follow with highs around eighty six degrees and lows around seventy six. Isn't it time to plan your breakaway and curious out now. Learn more at cure. Sow dot com. That's c. you. Are ac ao dot com..

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