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This is the news. In brief from the united nations and u u n led global initiative launched on thursday to get more cove in nineteen vaccines into countries where coverage is far behind. Rich nations is a way out of the pandemic for everyone everywhere. That was the message from un secretary general antonio guitarfish as he lent his support to the world health organization campaign. It's target is to get vaccines into the arms of forty percent of people in all countries by the end of twenty twenty one and seventy percent by the middle of next year. Skull is possible as global vaccine production is now at nearly one point five billion doses per month but reaching four in ten people in all countries by the year's end will depend on being able to mobilize eight billion dollars to ensure that distribution is done equitably mister guitarist described the plan as a costumed coordinated and credible path out of the corona virus crisis. It was an alternative to vaccine. Nationalism vaccine hoarding and vaccine diplomacy. He said staying with the un secretary. General who has said that the humanitarian situation in northern ethiopia is paralyzed with fuel medicine and other essential relief items blocked briefing the security council wednesday night antonio guitarist said deliveries of lifesaving aid to tigray who still nowhere near the level required which is one hundred trucks per day. Eight teams on the ground in the war-torn province have reported increasingly alarming testimonies of suffering and deaths from hunger. The un chief said this latest assessments indicates that more than five million people need emergency assistance in tigray. Four hundred thousand of whom in near famine like conditions. Another two million need help. Neighboring amara where fighting is complicating the work of humanitarian and afar which provides the only road link to t- gray and we're convoys are severely restricted by official and non-official checkpoints insecurity and other challenges mystic cherish explained food prices across the world last month for almost thirty three percent higher than in september twenty twenty according to the un food and agriculture organization in its latest food price index released on thursday the fao found. That prices rose over one percent from august. Owing to tightening supply conditions and strong demand for staple foods such as wheat and palm oil. The price of cereals increased by two percent in september with wheat up as much as forty one percent. Compared to a year earlier vegetable oil prices were also at one point seven percent from august and about sixty percent from september. Twenty twenty while dairy prices increased by one point five percent from last month. Sugar prices zero point five percent higher and that fifty three percent up from a year earlier meat prices were virtually unchanged in september from the previous month. And i'll pay the twenty six percent from the past year according to another fao report released on thursday well. Cereal output is on course to hit an all time record of two thousand eight hundred million tons of the next year but this is less than anticipated demand owing to the expected significant increase in the use of wheat for livestock feed katie dartford un news..

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