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In downtown Brooklyn New York the house is set to vote today on a resolution condemning president trump's tweets targeting for freshmen Congress women of color trump suggested the four Democrats including new York's Alexander Ocasio Cortez should go back to their own countries even though only one of them was born elsewhere it could be another big year of ME hardware for HBO the twenty nineteen Emmy nominations were announced today HBO leads the way with a hundred thirty seven nominations with its crown jewel the game of thrones getting a record thirty two nominations for its final season the mass singer judge can John announced the nominees for best drama better call Saul bodyguard game of thrones killing eve Ozark pose succession and this is us HBO's Veep starring Julia Louis Dreyfus also cleaned up in the comedy division Netflix came in second with a hundred seventeen nominations the Emmys will be handed out September twenty second police in Tennessee are warning the flushing illegal drugs down the toilet could create math Gators in a Facebook post Loretto police department said methamphetamine have already created hyped up alligators in Alabama plus an attack squirrel police are telling folks to call them if they want to dispose of drugs so they can make sure it's done safely they haven't said whether colors will get a pass on being arrested markets are down the Dow down thirty three points the nasdaq down thirty six the S. and P. down nine points in sports the Yankees and raise play game two of a four game series tonight in the Bronx the yanks lost last night five to four the master in Minneapolis tonight to face the twins in a two.

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