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Elliott Friedman is always always presented by GMC. This is going to be part of our star series so we're going to hear more interviews we did in Chicago from last week. You'll hear from Jack Eichel. Oh you heard from matthew bars all and you'll hear from Tory crew but it's been awhile since Elliott we did a news and notes segment on this podcast and always scare scare the you're going to be dating yourself since news notes happening at a alarming pace but if we can pause for a second and focus on defenseman around the NHL that have recently he done deals we'll get winnipeg. We'll get the Columbus. We'll get to Boston but let's start with Philadelphia. Ivan Provorov six year contract av six point point seven five million dollars which Elliott Friedman says a good deal for both player and team. I think that PR- overall long-term six point seven five is going to be good for affiliate and I'm. I'm always happy for someone who's GonNa make forty million dollars. I have looked at Provo through a bit of a different. Lens twice once in the playoff series against Pittsburgh. I thought there was a really talented guy there. Though that series didn't go well for Philly I thought he played his heart out and then last year when Ron hextall was fired he got a bit of a surprising quote saying of all the guys who I didn't think would be affected by their contract. Provo was on that list and people have admitted to me. Wait on on him a lot. I think he knew that I think the team new that I think is representatives knew that and they were thinking you know what we need some term here so the next time he deals with this. You'll just have more life experience to have it and I think he's a hell of a player and I think this is a great deal for both him and the flyers outside of Victor Hedman headman and you might be able to make the case for Judy and certainly Eric Carlson Maybe nobody from the Blue Line makes a better tape to tape long. Mom Mom pass like he's in the top five isn't he. He's a really talented guy and you know what this also is proof of. Is that the market for the RFID is not like the market for the RFA forward. Let's focus on another one that you wink at here and that's Akwa Renske of Columbus Blue Jackets three year contract. It is fifteen million dollars. This raised eyebrows because of as you point out perhaps just how low the AV was well. I think the thing about Lansky is that you're not missing anything in this summer when these contract disputes go on the summer. I mean you're on the beach. You've got your swim trunks on. You're on a boat. You're water skiing being your mountain climbing. Hell of Cracking Open Beers. You're visiting somewhere exotic. You've got like that inner tube with the DOC on the front of it around your it who cares if you don't sign and I think people are different. I think there's some people who are like. I don't care if I missed training camp. I don't care if I Miss Games Games. I'm holding out for every dollar. I believe I deserve and I think there's other players who think no white I it's not for me. I WANNA be a camp or I. I don't want to Miss Games. Let's get it done. I wrote in in my blog. This week that there was there was a player was signed several years ago right at the beginning of the season. I sent him not congratulations and he he called me and said I was never gonNa Miss Games. I'm in great shape. I'm not worried about that but I just wanted to see how far I could take this. I told my agent privately. We're never going to Miss Games. I get the sense Zack. Were inskeep as a kid. WHO said you know I know I'm going to camp and let's settle this and we'll see where we are in three years. Columbus will have to deal with a year away from unrestricted free agency but I really get the sense we're. NC was one of those guys who said Nah. Let's go. Let's play one of the reasons why we've talked about this. Before I think is going to be okay is that top four on the back end at Renske Jones and I think Ryan Ryan Murray's turned his career around in paired with with David Savar. I think they'll be real good. The question is we've always assumed that we're in ski in Jones are at the top pair but our savard and Murray that far behind so far is a really talented guy. I think he's one of the more underrated guys in Murray. Sorry the the questions never been talented but now that it seems fine. You're realizing you know what they got when they selected yes yes. There's no question about that. I mean Columbus. It's all goaltending right like you know the talent and you're sitting there and you know that every game that you play against them you're going to have to fight for for every inch of that ice because that's the way they play and that's the way John Tortorella wants him to play. Every centimeter is a battle so so they're gonNA stay in a lot of games because of that. They're going to stay in a lot of games because of their talent. I'm curious to see this year like he is always tortorella given Jones and we're an ski a rope like they're both rovers basically. Can you make it any more Roveri without the peninsula and there to create offense. I ran into Josh rimer. Yesterday we were at the maple leafs media digs taping something with Tyson Barrie podcast and I ran into Josh River and he said he said you watching this is Jeff does the play by play play. A guy in Columbus and Josh is obviously biased towards his dad and he said Texas is going to be a great player. we've seen hints of it already okay so what are these two contracts tracks mean then for. Charlie mcevoy so Charlie mcevoy here's the news of these deals him and his agents say and we're doing this on Friday. Provorov signed signed on Thursday night. I heard last night that the bruins and mcevoy were really working to get it done like they're in. Not You know who knows by the time this podcast the cast comes out it could be done but I had heard Thursday night. They were really pushing it and the bat to me was it would be a three year deal around. We're in ski. Maybe a little a little bit higher because the feeling is right now. The bruins don't really have the room to do six so we'll see. I expect mcevoy gets done. The person in who seems to know said he bet more on three than six and Josh Morrissey very quietly goes about his business. One of the top defenceman the Winnipeg jets on the top defenceman in the entire Western Conference. It is an eight year contract fifty million dollars six and a quarter. I look at that and say Josh Morrissey what a bargain is a bargain again. I mean it's funny to sit there and say guy is a bargain for fifty million but you know they tried to extend them a year ago and he said no he said I'll take a bridge and I'm I'm sure he looks at what he could have got last year and he got this year is being much better. That's a big win for the jets to you know the summer true traded Myers Free Agent Lion conor not signed as the tape this podcast. They have a victory. It's a victory you can say hey. We got a win here and that's a big win because I agree with Josh Morris. He's a hell ova player okay. Let's get to our star series. Now you'll hear from Matthew Barzel in a moment you'll hear from Jack Eichel in a moment as well but we just mentioned Charlie mcevoy a second ago. Let's focus in Boston. Bruins Bruins defenceman a couple of seasons ago. Torey Krug scored sixty points something that's Dana Chara had never done as a member of the Boston bruins and I believe from many turn heads if it I didn't it should have he is someone that you've pointed a couple of times a boat to get paid by the Boston bruins or someone one else He is very much a new school defenseman. Ignore the size focused on the skill in advance of this interview. What did did you expect out of Tory Krueg before. He chatted with them in Chicago. I've always been told that he has a real edge to him or he's not afraid to say things. I think you'll hear in this interview that that's the case remember last year. He got knocked out in one of the playoff games against Toronto because you got hit by Amazon and you know I said to him when the Kingdom Toronto. I got a chance to talk to him. After scrambling I said did you forget that Muslim was on the ice and he laughed and he said yes I did because he's the only Guy Tron a little hit you so there's definitely an edge there air and but like a mischievous edge and I think that comes across really well in the interview this was as we found out during the NHL media tour the summer of weddings his and the summer of kids as well and that's. We're going to kick off the interview. This is Torii Krueger the Boston bruins on the podcast brought to you by the next generation. GMC GMC Sierra trucks are John Takes. The bomb crazy swoops through the the high slot crew fires comes on the wrong side. Dan Elliott congratulations are in order for our next guest where he crew defenseman for the Boston bruins a a father for the first time and this may have had a game seven implication to it as well against Saint Louis first off Tory congratulations thank and tell us about almost missing game seven close my wife and I welcomed their first child a girl four days after game seven and it's great to get over the loss. I guess was scheduled birth or was no so so she goes into Labor game six game seven. What would you have done so we had discussed discussed the implications of that and being our first child labor typically as a little bit longer than the normal and she'd give me the green light to play in any game that ah immediately happened on the morning of a game or something go ahead and play and see what happens and just get your ass back there before the baby does. Ah Team Canada just played at the World Cup of basketball and there's a player for team. Canada's name is Melvin E. Jim and his wife gave birth while he was playing for Canada and he was there via facetime and I gotTa tell you like I always leave the choice up to people you make the choice it's good for you can imagine what that must have been like. He was in China. You must have been torn in totally different directions no I'm. I'm very thankful. I'm glad it worked out the way that it did. unbelievable experience and etes leaves you speechless to be honest. What is the way that parenthood fatherhood has changed. You already just even in three months. just you know you realize how selfish office yards a person before you become a parent and everything that you do even revolves around you especially being a pro athlete the meals what time you eat what time you gotta get up up and go to the rink and train and get your workouts and you realize how selfish she really are and and once you have someone to take care of you put their needs in front of yours and you go on your way before we get to some hardcore hockey questions here. Tori Elliott has a question of Boettcher cab Elliott so you are you the player rapper the alternate no player. Rep for Boston none. I'm Kinda just all just really intrigued and interested in really intriguing interested but you were at the player meeting on Wednesday night in Chicago. NOPE and you came out of the meeting and you're wearing shorts and chemo and people are auditory crew. The cavs are on full display. Now these art Martin Saint Louis Ask but the did get noted as being impressive Tori. I appreciate that I'm very flattered. Everyone's chasing Mardi so he's. He's the Guy our jammies pushing the pace for a long time so I'm very honored that my calves in the same sentence is there's still still using the same sentence though there was one player years ago from the Minnesota Wild who couldn't get cavs and ended up getting implants and guys roasted about so these are all the these aren't implants implants like these unnamed player with the Minnesota Wild. I don't have implants one of one of your teammates. All of a sudden walked in with calf implants. How would Torey Krug React Act. Oh we would be all over and if you think for a second that marshy without a guy walk into a room with Catherine plants here. You're doing it wrong. I want to ask you about playing hockey growing up in Lavonia so I'm from Toronto and half my family lived in Livonia the besets and the Mikulas wonderful people hockey families as well. We know the players that have come from from there yourself Ryan Kesler Mike Modano what was growing up playing hockey in Livonia like take us back to your early days on the rink is fine. I mean great recreational programs..

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