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Yeah why did they tranquilize anyone. If this was the plan all along just did they change it to tranquilizer darts because they wanted a lower rating but that obviously wasn't the case because it was written into the movie and then they just straight up killa butcher people later yeah it it just seemed very weird and the like out breeze showing up his what his character was doing made no sense the way people interacted with him. Made nelson's no character like talk like a human being in this entire at all. And like when i said the beginnings like okay you're setting up these brothers to be at odds with each other. They're gonna hate each other but then they don't hate each other that much. It doesn't doesn't take a lot for them to work together yet. Seems like somewhat grudging. And then they're kinda right back at it yeah it. It's it feels like that. Were breeze shows up in the boat to rescue really offer. The dominator is what most notable sentenced to be able to say. It seems like that's supposed to be this really big turning point this really big moment but like they've been kind of worried about each other and work to help each other out the entire time so it doesn't really have like a cathartic feeling yet just some versus whatsoever in fact willie freeze breeze. Willie freeze breeze. And then there's a whole other scene between willie and cassie were. They don't say his name at all. We does that. They seem to talk about turning the dominator into a car bomb. Yes does that happen. How why do they go. Get the fertilizer. The show off the giant wave. That hits i guess what a waste. What okay little. I'm focusing on the hurricane. Let's talk about what's happened. This town a church steeple gets ripped off by wind. Water destroys a plant shop and the it raises so high that they can't even the swim through it and so then you destroys half of it. Half of the town's underwater it drowns the town which like if you're on the coast. It's not like you have a lot of hills so like if you have flooding. That's that high. You would probably assume that all the city is under water at that point. The federal reserve building is undamaged throughout completely damaged completely undamaged..

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