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Thank you question. I don't I don't know about the baseball metaphor. But I can speak to the southern districts ability to do those cases because I ran it which has had assigned to various things, including the Michael matter from os office, and they're in great shape. You know, the us attorney's offices throughout the country really are the backbone of the Justice department in terms of bringing prosecutions of asked majority prosecutions or not brought by trial lawyers who sit in Washington, but through the various districts all around the country, the other district in particular that I led for seven and a half years remains independent has the same. Excellent quality of people there's not turnover from time to time as happened with me there's turn over at the. Up. But when he was attorney changes that doesn't change the makeup of the office, the professional career, folks, whose politics are never inquired about his politics. Don't matter continue to work on the cases. And so, you know, other than shift at the top, which I'm not sure how much that matters the excellence of the office remains that's true. Also of the us attorney's office eastern district of Virginia and various other places some of which maybe we don't even know have received referrals from Muller's office. So the easy answer. Your question is there in very good position to bring whatever case, they think is appropriate to break into decline any case, they think it's appropriate to decline and further the spirit of your question. It's it's a little bit harder for president or even attorney general to shut down without good cause and without causing a conflagration in public. I think reckoning various cases in various offices. My guest this week is David Cohen during the Obama administration. He served first as the secretary of the treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence where among other things he oversaw the US sanctions program against Iran. David then became the deputy director of the CIA a position he held from twenty fifteen to twenty seventeen. He's now a partner at the law firm. Wilmer hale. I speak with him about the current status of US sanctions around the world the planned withdrawal from Syria, and whether he can say with certainty that the president of the United States is not a Russian asset. That's coming up. Stay tuned..

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