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By now we're looking at sports headlines. At least Caleb is he'll read him to us because I can't see him over the radio is brought you by our brothers out their power in hardware. Thank you. Bill. Jose Alvarado hit a jumper with 45 seconds left and hit the game clinching free throws as Georgia Tech up, said North Carolina yesterday 72 to 67 in Atlanta. Alvarado ended up with 20 points for the Jackets, along with 20 more coming for Michael devote techno moves to five and three on the year and one and one and a cc play. Next. They'll host Wake Forest on Sunday. Georgia suffered their first loss of the season yesterday as they drop their SEC opener at home to Mississippi State. 83 73 Iverson. Molinar scored a career high 24 points to lead state, including 43 pointers. Georgia was led by a career high 21 points from PJ Horn. Their next game will be Wednesday at L s u. And the Atlanta Hawks suffer their first loss of the season. Yesterday, they fell in a shoot out to the Brooklyn Nets. 1 45 to 1 41. The Hawks got 30 points apiece from Trey Young and John Collins. But it wasn't enough to overcome the Nets, who were led by 33 points from Kevin Durant. You confide more sports online that access W D win. All right, Thank you. Much. Kale do appreciate that, as we continue to work her way into this morning, the last few moments before we get out of here for the year for this show. Want to say good morning once again to Robin Templeton with the insurance source and Robin. First of all, Happy New Year to, you know, Happy New Year. Don't Well, thank you much. You know, You mentioned something the other day and I act like I know everything that you're talking about, and I don't and I think a lot of people a lot of people don't. That's why you're there is the insurance source to keep us informed and you talk about the supplements when you talk about Medicare supplements. I'm not quite sure how that works, and I think there's some folks there probably could take advantage of it that don't know it's there. Absolutely so. A Medicare supplement plans so long, like a group planet most closest to what you would have if you were working now and fixing to retire coming into the 65 ranch. Medicare's Doublemint plan. You have a monthly premium, but when you go to the hospital, the doctor there's no bill late, busiest covered it 100%. It's what I like to call the cat like plan Way, talked about your medical advantage plans and those are money savers as well because there's no premium on the Medicare advantage. Are most of them. There are a couple that had small premiums if you want extra coverage is on them. It. Isn't that your Medicare supplement plans. It's out of the ballgame. So when you pay your monthly praying that something happened, you have been to the hospital. There's no bill is covered with 100%. So, yes, you pay that monthly premium whether you use it or you don't. But the day that you do have to use it. It's an amazing plan. Sure, and then, and you know this is just one of the nuances because there are many of them that go into figure out what's best for your individual situation because The situations are all different. We all have different family dynamics. We have the job dynamics. We have different needs all the way around and get the answers The insurance source. Now imagine you guys were taking tomorrow off. But there today how long Actually, no, Not there today. Okay, Well, it's no good for you had taken few days. So when he was back in the office on Monday, so yeah. Give us a college 775321900 and leave me a voicemail. I am still checking him and I am working remotely from home. Very good. Alright, well, don't miss out on the insurance source. Hey, Robin, We wish you all the best coming in the new year and look forward to check any with you again. In the meantime, Enjoy your time off. Get some rest cause you've been busy this season. There has been a busy very blessed thanks to you. Well, you're welcome. We appreciate you supporting us as well. In the meantime, hope you have a good one, My friend. You, too. Happy New year. Happy New Year I well that wraps it up for us for today that also wraps it us. First to the year way will be back with you Monday in the new year, Not on tomorrow. We've.

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