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A colorblind society in which merit not race. Decides who gets a job or college admission supporters of the new initiative one thousand say it has not worked out that way. Former governors, including Dan Evans, urge a return to apology of in their words diversity equity, and inclusion result is not preferential treatment. But that everyone gets a clear shot at opportunity. Evans supports the measure alongside. Governor Chris Gregoire and Gary Locke, but a vocal opposition includes local Asian Americans hifu of Mercer island says Asian college applicants are hurt by perceived racial quotas. Though, the Chinese kids are more qualified than kids from other races. There's still rejected by the universities. They love my own daughter is one of them. Unfortunately, supporters of I one thousand deny it establishes racial quotas. Still governor Gregoire says law has clearly led to a decline in a diverse college population. Corwin hake. Komo news. A memorial service for slain Kellett's county deputy sheriff just into Rozier will be held April twenty fourth in Portland. The service will be held at child's center at the university of Portland. Deputy. The Rozier has been with calories cutting since two thousand nine he responded alone Saturday night to a motorhome blocking road near Calama and reported to dispatchers that someone was shooting at him deputy director killed by a gunshot wound to the chest Pierce county, deputies are searching for the man who beat and shot at a gas station clerk early yesterday in Midland. Komo Samuel Taussig describes with surveillance video shows a masked man with a gun barges into the union seventy six gas station. In here in Midland immediately. He starts pistol-whipping the clerk the clerk is helplessly defending himself detective say he grabs cash from the register before shooting that clerk the gunman runs out. But then he comes back again to the store with the gun and grabs more cash. Meanwhile, the clerk is still lying on the ground shot, and the shooter just leaves him there detective say they really have to get this guy off the streets. Meanwhile, told fortunately that Clark is in serious but stable condition. Komo's Tammy matassa. Lenny Johnson's fast for the orcas has ended. She sat on the state capitol steps for seventeen days in solidarity with the whale that carried her dead calf for that many days last year. Johnson wants the dams on the snake river it removed to allow more salmon to spawn and grow. They are still trying to forge for food take care of their families lead their lives with with very little nourishment. And it has just wear them out. Governor. Inslee has set up a study on the consequences of breaching. The dams on the snake river as part of his plan to save the orcas new security system will be tested in Vancouver BC at an arena early next year rea- really providing the tools.

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