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The perfect love love love jason you can go first so and and you know you'll get your feedback on the percentage here and we'll be loose with what you think it is <hes> okay <hes> the perfect comedy the first the first one that had <hes> matthew mcconaughey and <hes> kate hudson in it. They did a few but the hobson shaw fool's gold <hes> what was there was one before that guy ten days no. That's no that's keith ledger. I know that something's a handlebar. You lose a fool's gold. I'm gonna go with fools. Gold rules gold. Let's see i have no you know. There's a lot of movies named. Fool's gold really did like documentaries about golden ship. It okay dave <hes> i._q. I._q. Yeah it's <hes> it's one where like with meg ryan. It's meg ryan and tim robbins and tim robbins is like a very stupid person and then he like falls off a horse or something and it has like brain damage but it makes him really smart yeah. It becomes the protege of albert einstein who is played by walter matthau dude. It's the worst movie of all of it was a robot robot where he stands in line. You know what happened at christopher reeves but the river superman all right so we have i._q. Dave i q forty. Four percent on rotten tomatoes thought it was lower thought you were talking about lower for jason eleven percent hoping persona dave dave you're closer. You have to go first. Fool's gold is set up if we can get a pretty freddie grape put not incredibly perfect one jason here so i'm trying to get fifty six dollars and fifty six percent rotten tomatoes comedy the other so creepy dude. I mean eighteen so it's that i think is bad because i clearly think middle. All of the roads are really bad. I'm discovering. You only know average movies. Everything you pick is totally. It's so funny because i legitimately thought southland tales else's incredible loved it so feel about the last boy scout. I haven't seen it. Wow sorry awful yeah yeah half. You certainly silently you put in you. Put the put this open open the abilities. You drink it all up. That's going to be the copyright that finally gets. He won't be playing the music during the whole scene in writing for that audio forty four percent here okay so yeah. I don't know many <hes> berendt comedies have donated meg ryan in it. I <hes> 'cause yeah the ones something ever sleepless in seattle. You've got mail. I guess how what's the fucking british joie. That's all crazy. It's like the crash of romantic comedies. <hes> oh love actually love actually yeah. That's probably got a really high rating. I'll oh you that one super high. Just give me six guy ideas. You already mentioned one of my ideas out really yes. Sleepless in seattle probably is about eighty nine percent or something right. That's what i'm gonna. Go with. You really yeah yeah interesting interesting. I'm totally fucked yeah. Let's do this do this. You're gonna go sleepless in seattle. I'm going to tell you what his score ends at. Oh man to adjust accordingly okay so eleven percent with fool's gold seattle seventy three percent. Oh eighty four percent here..

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