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Through a party with you and Jeff and rooster and and again like I'm not trying to throw like Redman and Method Man at Red Rocks party. Like I want to fight a great Brewery where we can actually let our subscribers. A lot of whom are an industry. A lot of whom are not in the industry, have a chance to get together and hang out. And I don't know, I just want to bring the community together cuz I think that's the one thing is everyone's pretty long, so that's one way, it'll change for sure. And then the biggest one is that I finally get to send people on assignment. You know. Like yeah one's been doing these stories from at home and you know like I'm looking forward to see. I've been talking to Gina Danza who did the macro photos the desert while Jean on Instagram. Like she yeah she's like I want to go back. Out of here I want to travel and so I've been like you know, hunting down tourism board's to get her out of her apartment to go on assignment. You know as soon as it's safe for her to travel internationally like I'd love for her to be doing that for us. And you know, everyone's perspective so far the magazine has been from their home. So I'm really looking forward to letting people get out into the world and and do stuff. I mean, I wash on assignment. I want to go places too. I've been flown. Like I was flying literally, once or twice a month, like, for the podcast last year, but back up until last year and now, like I haven't flown in a year. It's, it's terrible. Like, I want to go places like I, I just flew to Florida and write for, for our grundens, she cabin. Yeah, we went to England. Oh, and I will say, like, dude, Florida, like, most people are masked, like all the people you would expect massive have masks on and all the people who I've been told are the Dead. Is risk for covid-19 like nah. They're like in bars partying. Yeah. Like it's like, I don't know. They would have been in college. Like what? 1958? Nineteen sixty. And they're just like, founding so hard and you're like, okay, whatever, man personal responsibility I guess, is there at this point? Yeah. Right. Like, that's at this point in the pandemic, I think we are to the point where you can allow people make some decisions on their own, right? You want to be dumb. You can go be dumb on your like, that's allowed as long as the proper people get vaccinated right? Like as long as everybody who wants a vaccination, can get one. Then I don't give a shitt gif whoever's face you want, you know, like it really. It's like, it's to that point. I, I am pretty excited for our younger contributors to see the, the everyone's found the roar next Roaring Twenties through their eyes. Oh, yeah. I think it's going to be fun. I think we're going to get some really great stories out of that. I also think what's cool is that people have a new appreciation. For pretty mundane things. Like, for me, like, yeah, I really liked being on the Atlantic ocean sounds so stupid. But like, when I went to an outdoor bar, there weren't a lot of people there. I grabbed a beer, just thought there was like, wow, the Atlantic like up until like, a couple of weeks ago. This was like impossible to get to unless I drove from California and that's pretty, I don't know. That's a cool look at the world and maybe people won't be like doing those bigger, fastest, strongest, like, bullshit articles that were also sick of and they'll be like, hey job. Application Trail is dope, but also the Appalachian. Mountains are cool and the Adirondacks are cool. And the greens are. Yeah, I did talk about..

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