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Tropical storm Ian's path is still uncertain. It's too soon to say that there's not going to be a wobble or there's not going to be any type of curvature back into the Florida Peninsula. Speaking at a news conference Sunday, desantis told floridians to expect power outages fuel disruptions and even evacuations as a hurricane of this magnitude bears down on the state's eastern coast. Two U.S. Military veterans captured by Russian forces in Ukraine are back home in Alabama. The pair were released as part of a prisoner exchange involving Saudi Arabia and the news surprise family members who welcomed their return. Did not expect it to happen for a couple of years. So this caught us completely off guard. And apparently the rest of the world. Diana Shaun is the antibiotics drew key one of the two men greeted by family and friends at the Birmingham airport on Saturday, drew key and Andy wynne both went missing in June during heavy fighting in northeastern Ukraine, 5 British nationals and three others were also freed in the surprise prisoner swamp. That's the latest I'm Dina kodiak. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. Mayor Eric Adams is visiting Puerto Rico to demonstrate the city's support for the hurricane ravaged island. Adams arrived in San Juan this morning one week after hurricane Fiona wrecked havoc. The mayor joined a relief team from several New York City agencies and 50 NYPD officers already on the ground to help with relief efforts. Adams called Puerto Rico, the city's 6th the burrow as nearly 900,000 Puerto Ricans call New York City home. State investigators have substantiated more than 1600 instances of Corporal punishment in New York schools over the last 5 years. That, according to a report in the times union Albany, the report says a substantial number of the complaints were in New York City public schools, Corporal punishment is generally banned and can be classified as child abuse. Raphael bostic, president of the Federal Reserve bank of Atlanta was asked why, after 5 interest rate increases, inflation hasn't gone down yet. He says we have very high demand, but we don't have enough supply. We have very high demands. We have not enough supply and as long as you have that gap, prices are going to be feeling upward pressure. So we've got a narrow that gap. And what we were hoping would happen is that we'd see some movement on the supply side to move the supply up so that there wasn't so much of an auction on goods that are in the marketplace. Bostick was interviewed on CBS's face the nation. He thinks that the economy can absorb higher rates and slow in a relatively orderly way. Rihanna is set to headline next year's Super Bowl halftime show. The singer took to Instagram to share the news today. The NFL also confirmed it on their Twitter account. Rihanna will take the stage February 12th at the State Farm stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. You're listening to Bloomberg business of sports from Bloomberg radio. This is the Bloomberg business of sports show where we explore the big money issues in the world of sports. I'm scarlet fu. And I'm Cameron leech. Let's continue our conversation right now with the CEO and owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim irsay. Jim, thanks for being here. One question I have to ask you are the owner of the coats and you guys recently acquired quarterback Matt Ryan, who most recently came from my hometown team of the Atlanta Falcons. How do you assess his and the team's performance thus far with the tie and loss to begin the season? Well, it's difficult at this point because when you bring in a new quarterback and you're just really starting things over and this started with us when we shockingly lost Andrew bucks who retired at age 29 left $800 million on the table had ten years plus less than the league and walked away. Again here and to the kicking the stigma and mental health issues, he just was not in a head space mentally emotionally where he could go on and play football board at age 29. So it put us in a quandary and so we had four quarterbacks in four years. Matt Ryan and we're thrilled to have Matt has been a very difficult start for us. Obviously. But again, we play 17 games now as a long, long season, our first home games just this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs agree against the great Patrick Mahomes. So quarterback means everything in this league and that your quarterback play is leadership on and off this field is performance. Look at the rules are designed to throw the football now. To protect the quarterback, you can't touch the receivers at the line of scrimmage. Everything is designed to throw the football. So we've allowed a young receivers and that's part of the problem in two of the more hurt and that really is those back because we were already shorthanded there. So obviously we have Jonathan Taylor who's maybe the best player in the league and running back. And so we think we'll be fine with Matt Ryan. I know in talking to date man and Tony Dungey Bruce areas before we brought Matt in, they were just absolutely thrilled and couldn't feel more than ever like we felt that he was just what we needed right now for the next two or three years going forward. We feel optimistic. We plan on being in the sickest things for the playoffs when all of a sudden done though. I want to pick it back off of camera's question about the league being increasingly quarterback driven. Your team has been lucky or prepared to not miss a beat since Peyton Manning departed the team. Andrew Luck Phil rivers, Matt Ryan. I want to hear from you what it's like to plan for the next one. Take us inside that process. How challenging is it? At what point does the planning begin? Or is it a constant thing? Well, it's a great question. And you really start your planning early. I know what paid Manning in 2010, 2011, Bill pulley and our Hall of Fame junior manager and I were meeting with getting older and we are wondering, okay, who is going to be the quarterback of the future? And we've talked about this great player Andrew Luck at Stanford, but he'll be the number one pick in the draft, the best player coming out since John Elway. And we'll never have a chance to get him. So at lo and behold, Peyton hurts his neck where the worst team in the league and we all of a sudden have the first pick and there's Andrew Luck. Those things happen. And then the downside of things, we're all of a sudden you have an injury like that happened to pay, and then you have to Andrew Lux retirement out of nowhere at such an early age. So you couldn't really plan for Andrew at all because he retired two weeks before the season started. So it was a shock to everyone, obviously. And it left us

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