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From washington to the tampa bay buccaneers at number twelve feet evita congratulations to you best of luck where the twenty second pick in the two thousand eighteen nfl draft the tennessee titans select shaun evans linebacker alabama mill hybrid junior player profile we had one full season starter athletic ability through the roof sideline to sideline defender with great range but that's couple of minor injuries but he tackles with purpose instinctive effective blitzer talk about versatility he can play inside linebacker in rush the passer it can move outside and get after the quarterback could be an inside backer and three four or an outside linebacker two four three were shot evans is a tackling machine when he's at full strength instinctive football players in this draft so the titans move up three spots to get rashad evans again the details of this trade baltimore takes the number twenty five spot that tennessee had tennessee slides up to number twenty two baltimore gets tennessee's fourth round pick at number one twenty five tennessee gets the ravens sixth round pick that number to fifteen so baltimore moves down for the second time so that tennessee can move up and grab rashawn this was the guy that told you what we started or the most underrated players in this draft he's not just to see ball get ball guy i mean it when he arrives though he arrives the tensions but he was a quarterback of that defense last year and after the national championship game he told me no matter what i'm leaving as a champion it's football family you know and right now you can never take that away from me but when i get to.

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