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Of retirement to not match the reality. But reality has never quite looked like this. I'm Kristin Schwab for Marketplace. Mm. I saw on the weather today that there's another storm coming in New York City. That is quite possibly the last thing that city needs more rain, the prospect of more flooding even as it And communities and industries that we're in hurricane ideas path. Are still setting things right. So we've gotten Austin Golding on the phone down in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where he runs the Golden Barge line. It is one of those industries where the weather can be a big factor. Hey, Alison, how are you? Hey, guy doing wonderful How you doing? I'm alright. I'm alright. But I have to tell you when I heard that storm is coming through, And maybe this is me being too close to my sources. First thing as well, Not first thing, but one of things I thought it was man. I wonder how Vicksburg is doing. So you guys did you do all right? Oh, yeah. We were lucky to be on the West side of it. So all that dryer that kind of Cooled it off. Once it got into the mid part of Mississippi. We barely had any rain. It was nuts. Wow. But But, I mean, I heard from the corps of Engineers like the Mississippi River reversed itself. Did that not hit you? It did. Yeah, it did down around Baton Rouge, You know, probably two or 300 miles south of here, and it wrecked Probably 3 to 400 barges and and a couple dozen boats at least. No injuries or death, which was pretty unbelievable. But the hurricane came through in a path. It was.

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