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So you're like, oh, great. You know? Even though it kind of looks ridiculous. Yeah. It's part of the thing. I like that second movie. Did they expanded things you have a weird comedy or animation? You can kinda sidestep a lot of this school stupid special. Yes. But it makes sense. All right. Look, I think that's good. Let's fuck in finally get to the ranking. Here's what we did different this year instead of going round Robin than ever going. What do you have at seven whichever six five? It's a little messy. It's a little hard to follow this. Honestly, I think that we were kind of on the same wave would have been. Yes, it would have been very similar and they did come similar. So whatever we did is they sent me their rankings and I had to do fucking math. Oh, I did have Anthony double check the figures. They are correct. So starting at the bottom number seven out of seven no surprise venom. At the bottom. And I think I was the only stinker that didn't have it at seven because I did want to put it last. Seven everybody agrees Benham number six. This is kind of surprising Hetman the wasp hit number six. But it's a it's a it's a crazy year for movies. And we just talked about how forgettable rugs than even. Moved it down to six and I was surprised. I did it that way. Yeah. But in retrospect is as we've mentioned numerous times out an entirely forgettable movie. The only thing. In the post credit scene, folks, anything and nothing happens. No one changes nothing gets better. The only thing that comes back is an men. Diane van Dyne comes back Jonathan I eh. I think we ran lane Diane lane. She's not she's nine. That's Martha Kent. I think we realized a lot of people skip this movie. It feels like a filler before endgame. And I'm wondering if the same thing's going to happen to captain marvel where people are, you know, Joe I just need to get through this to get to any game. I was surprised how many people just like they didn't watch it. It's before the events of Infinity war, but it's kind of a filler chapter and his giant story a little bit. Yeah. So it's at number six because at number five is fucking aqua man makes it to number five. And I think that's which is much more memorable to me. I mean, they look good and batteries aims one. And Warner Brothers DC. Swung for the fuck and fences with this one and not all of them hit another doesn't know sports. Congratulations. Yes. And the wasp and venom which is not hard day. Some of the stuff six you gotta give a little bit credit visually. I mean Amana laws passed some great special effects scenes to, but I just giving you a whole world. I had it higher on my list, you had aquaman at number four along with Belotti Anthony and myself headed at five right? And that's where it fell at number four is deadpool two, right? Smack dab in the middle blahdy giving it the higher score body. You had this number two care to elaborate mostly because of the parachute seen. Oh, where everybody it at the end. I I laughed so hard in theater that I can't I don't remember the movie for like ten minutes after that. Drinking milk. Exactly what it again the other line. I laughed out loud. At is where he goes you kill blacktop Cassidy racist. Son of a bitch. Like, it's still fucking funny. There's a lot of good lies in there. There's more reasons why I think directing wise that guy is also another what it directors all those fight scenes really very well choreographed too. So John wick to watch it a second time to watch the cable deadpool fight in prison is very very well choreographed. I respect that a lot. I like the whole truck chase scene to scene. Having the truck. He's yes doubting. Her powers keeps getting out of whole. It was really it is actually a very clever movie. I'll give it credit. It's super clever superman self-aware, and that's the thing. I just can't believe that. I don't I remember the first step will show much more clearly than the second. You you blow. You probably watched it more, right? TV and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. But even I mean even have time first time, I saw it. I I remember everything. So all right..

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